Sunday, July 22, 2012

Chickadees On a Saturday Morning

Saturday morning, I sat with my camera and a cup of coffee and watched birds come to our feeders.  Today, I'm sharing the photographs I took of chickadees. 

Chickadees are very tame.  We sit in lawn chairs only a few feet from the feeders and they come to eat without hesitation.

 I fill these cups with meal worms every day.  Chickadees love them.  They'll often sit right down in the bowl as they eat.
We fill the tube feeders with sunflower hearts, peanuts and niger seed.
This bird is hard at work, taking bites of a meal worm that he's holding with his feet after helping himself to the daily supply I provide in the cups.
No matter how you look at them, chickadees are just plain cute.

We're fortunate to have chickadees all year round.  Their bandit-like appearance makes me smile. 

I'll be back soon with pictures of the other birds we feed, including woodpeckers, gold finches and house finches, sparrows, cardinals and more.

We've had hummingbirds at the special feeders we have for them.  I'm finding they're a little harder to photograph but trust me, I'll be trying.


Sarie said...

Ohhhhhh, these little guys make me so happy. I love seeing them visit here too Shaddy. I'm so glad you posted the photos today, they're cute and oh so meaningful to me.

I'm sorry about the baby have no idea how sad I felt when I heard. I have such a gigantic soft spot for all the critters that it's hard for me when something happens to them.

Yes, I'm looking forward to way more birdie pictures outta you, friend! :)

Hugs and happy Monday!

Cheryl aka Shaddy said...

SARIE: It's so fun to get a comment like this. You make me want to keep on blogging.

I never thought I could enjoy birds like I do now. Lon has fed them for years and always tried to get me interested. He finally did!! Better late than never.

I hope you're enjoying this summer in spite of the unusual weather. I hope to come upon another blog post of yours, very soon.