Saturday, July 7, 2012

Closeup Observations of a Cardinal Nursery

I succeeded in getting a photo of a male cardinal feeding his fledglings.  In spite of the slight distortions from shooting this through our kitchen window, I'm happy to have captured this scene.

Although not crystal clear, that's the male above and the female below.  The fledglings also be seen with their mouths open wide.  I've spent a lot of time with my camera, standing at the window, trying to be discreet and yet determined to get as many pictures as possible.

The female cardinal takes her turn in the ongoing process of feeding the ravenous offspring.

Mama paused for a moment as if to say hello to me.  She's much more comfortable with me than Papa.  He usually flies off right away if he notices me. 

I imagined that Mama wanted to know what I was up to in my kitchen.  She enjoys watching me; she seems to appreciate the diversion. 

She has a wonderful personality.  We've had several interesting "conversations."

Mrs. Cardinal is an awesome listener.  She gave me her full attention.

The fledglings continue to demand and receive endless feedings throughout the day. 

I'm thankful that although they look like they're shrieking, the fledglings don't make so much as a peep.  Can you imagine if they cried like human babies?

I'm so fascinated with this cardinal family, I can't stop taking pictures.  Have you noticed?  Hah!

I can almost hear the song they appear to be singing.

"Holding my mouth open all day is exhausting!"
I took this picture outside on a ladder.  From this angle, we can see how much they've grown.  I'm not sure if the third egg hatched or not.  I can't see the egg or a third fledgling.

I've been worrying because of the many days of 100 degree weather we've been experiencing.  Occasionally, I mist the nest, hoping to provide some relief from the heat.   

In a rare moment, the proud parents posed for me.  Mama loves the camera.  Notice the tilt of her head!  Trust me, Papa disappeared before I could try for a better shot.


Gullible said...

Imagine trying to fill those open mouths!

Walk said...

You right, it made me smile. :>)

Sarie said...

Oh Shaddy, these photos warm my heart. They look way better on the computer screen than on my phone....and I loved them there!

these birdie posts make me smile...and so happy, to be able to see all of this up close just means the world to me. You know how I love the critters :) Thank you for this, it made my day!