Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Tree Frog in Our Birdhouse

We spotted this tree frog yesterday, peering out of the opening in one of our birdhouses.  We had trouble believing what we were seeing!   We'd heard of tree frogs and have heard the noise they make, but we'd never seen one until now.   

We climbed a ladder in the evening to get a closer look and to take this picture.  Nothing bothered him.  We used a flashlight to see him and even touched him.  He didn't budge.  I could see his throat vibrating so I know he was alive.

We're overrun with birdhouses (we like them for decorative purposes and we welcome and love when birds take up residence).  Most of them are empty.  A few of them will be occupied every summer by, well, by birds.  You can imagine our disbelief when we realized Mr. Treefrog had adopted this birdhouse, at least for a while, and was already comfortable enough to sit on the front porch. 

I've checked the birdhouse several times today but haven't seen him yet.  I sure hope he knows he's welcome to stay all summer!!


Stephanie said...

Ha! I love the look of this little guy! I think you should start writing children's books and use the frog and your birds as characters!
I checked out a lot of the older posts on the cardinals. I love the pics and the descriptions. You've done a great job at tracking their progress! Keep it up! :) I hope the cardinals are doing well!

Cheryl aka Shaddy said...

STEPH: You're right about writing children's books. Now if I could develop the discipline!! I'm all over the place lately.

Unknown said...

So intersting!.. I am watching baby cardinals right now! They hatched about 2 days ago!.. I'm down here in Jacksonville, FL.

Gullible said...

How funny. Well, it IS a tree frog, no?