Saturday, September 15, 2012

Rich's 70th Birthday Party

My cousin Rich (the birthday boy) and Jim

Sally and Rich's wife, Cathy

Uncle Allen and Aunt Dorothy (better known to us as Babe)

Greg and cousin Ron

Cousin Dick, Ed (Uncle Allen's cousin and owner of the pub) and Dawn

Sister-in-law Phyllis and brother John

Dee and cousin Kathy

Rich's birthday was a great excuse for all of us to get together.  We met at O'Riley & Conway's Irish Pub in Janesville.  Rich and Cathy are here visiting from Texas. 

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mark lawrence said...

Rich's 70th Birthday Party is looking epic. Truly amazing work was done for this bash. On my father’s birthday I also would be hosting a fun party. I am planning to book one of the rooftop LA venues for this family dinner. If anyone here has some nice game ideas for this party, please let me know.