Tuesday, April 9, 2013

In My Neck of the Woods

I planted these sweet pepper seeds on March 24th and a couple of days ago they broke through the soil.  They are slower at germinating than the tomato and cucumber seeds I planted at the same time.  I was worried about them--better late than never. 
I explored our yard on Sunday.  I found this new growth.

I was excited to see our peony bushes had popped up too.

Pretty, huh?

This is a black-eyed Susan plant that's awakening.

Look at this whopper!  It took me by surprise when I came around to the south side of our house.  How could it get so big without me fussing over it!!
Back inside to my veggie plants, these are my tomato seedlings.  They look kind of spindly, don't they.  After I took this photo, I got out my bag of seeding and potting mix and added some to each of these cells. 
I added soil to these cucumber seedlings too.  I'm not sure why the instructions that came with the seeds indicated I should fill the cells halfway.

Back outside, I spotted this dry twig.  It appeared to be reaching out to me so I picked it up.  It resembles someone with a big mouth but I can't hear what he's yelling.  That's a good thing.      
This was our backyard on Sunday.
This is today, two days later.  Yesterday it rained and the sun shone a few hours.  It rained a ton today and it's been cloudy.  I noticed the grass had greened up since Sunday, but I was very impressed with the drastic change that's visible in these photos.  I'm glad Jared suggested I take a picture on Sunday so I can compare the changes that come about in the next few weeks. 
I love it when you talk back.


Gullible said...

Huh. I still have two feet of snow in my yard.

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Beth said...

Your yard is beautiful. I remember when you guys did this major remodel-- when was it -- several years ago? It's so inviting.