Friday, April 12, 2013

Mosaic Effects Top Coat Nail Polish

My coworker and friend, Angela, gave me this "mosaic effects" top coat nail polish.  I applied it over my pink color and it crackled to give this look.  Although Angela is less than half my age, we have tons of fun on and off the job.  She coaches me on the latest fashions and makes me feel lots younger.

(I apologize for my week-old, self-manicure.  It needs redoing.  These are the only two nails with totally intact polish!) 

This weekend, I'll put the blue top coat over "Sassy" green, a soft lime green.  Little things like this make me feel good, so why not?!  I doubt I'll ever act my age, in fact, I guarantee I won't if I can help it.   

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