Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Tough Love and a Tender Touch

Like Honest Abe--oops, I mean George Washington (thank you Gully for whispering in my ear)--who chopped down a cherry tree, I cannot tell a lie.  Armed with scissors (similar to wielding an axe), I snipped off the sprouts of all but one tomato plant in each potting cell.  This will allow the single sprout in each cell to develop a strong root system.  Snipping (rather than pulling up) is advised so the survivor's root isn't disturbed.  

I did the same snipping process with the cucumber sprouts.  I'd label this part of my seed growing project as the "tough love" phase.  It wasn't fun.

I accidentally pulled up this cucumber sprout.  I was surprised that the root was already so long.  My clumsiness at least taught me that.   

The sweet pepper seeds are still sleeping so I covered them with a ClingWrap blanket.  Obviously, tenderness has a place in this project as well.   Covering these seeds to hold in the moisture should encourage their growth.

So far, so good.
(Comments are more than welcome.  I'd love to know who's stopping in here.  That would make my blogging experience SO much more exciting.  You can post anonymously if you don't have a google account).


Anonymous said...

Hi, Cheryl. I personally love your blog.

Don't ever stop posting new stuff because you always make my day.

Kim from Oregon

Anonymous said...

Cheryl-I want to do what you're doing! I should have commented but haven't til today.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I admire your green thumb. I kill everything I try to grow. Good luck with your garden.

Anonymous said...

Those pix were from Wednesday--I'd like to see how much they've grown since then. Probably noticeably.

Stephanie said...

I love seeing new seeds coming to life! We planted little strawberries the other day, but they were tipped over the next day :( We will probably try again soon. Keep up the good work, Cheryl!