Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Lady, A Dog, An Umbrella, A Stroller and, Oh Yes, A Bouquet of Flowers

The dental office where I work is in a very busy area.  Next door to us is Waggin Tails Dog Grooming.  I work near a large window and I can watch a parade of small dogs coming and going throughout the day. 
Most people bring their dogs in their cars.  One day last week, Angela (my coworker and friend) and I observed this woman.  We'd noticed her earlier in the day pushing an empty stroller.  At that time, Angela thought it appeared she was picking up discarded pop cans and putting them in the stroller.  She was an unusual sight in her straw hat, pushing a stroller and carrying an umbrella.       

I had my camera with me that afternoon so I snapped these pictures.  Seeing her now with a dog, we realized that when we saw her with the empty stroller in the morning, she had dropped her dog off at Waggin Tails.  Now (a few hours later), she had retrieved her pet after its grooming.

How thoughtful!  She brought water in case her dog had worked up a thirst during its spa day.

She proceeded to settle her dog in the stroller and to zip up the enclosing sides.  Is this dog spoiled or what!  The bright pink bundle protruding from the shopping bag is tissue paper wrapped around a bouquet of flowers which I assume she purchased at the floral shop next door. 

Once everything and everyone was in order, they moved off the grass, onto the blacktop driveway and were on their way.

Have you ever seen anything like this before?  I imagine this spanking clean and freshly trimmed pup saw us watching and exclaimed as he rolled out of sight, "Ta, ta, and have a nice day, now."   

We continued to watch as she approached the busy road, now with her umbrella open perchance to block the sun or perhaps to add another dimension to her "take my dog to the spa" look. 

I'd venture to say that Angela and I weren't the only ones to take a second look at this rather unusual sight crossing Cranston Road that day last week.

Now, was that fun or what!  Believe me.  I'm taking my camera to work with me everyday from now on.


Gullible said...

Can't let Snookums (!) get his pedicured paws dirty.

Cheryl aka Shaddy said...

GULLY: You're so right!!