Sunday, May 26, 2013

It's An Annual Thing

Jared gave me this hollow section of a tree that he retrieved when he was cutting wood with my brother, Bob.  I love it.  I'm using it as a planter for my potted petunia.  

Here's another awesome piece of hollow tree from Jared.  I love the rustic look. 

I found this wheelbarrow and its contents tipped over yesterday.  I was able to gather the buried flowers from the potting mixture and to replant them.  I don't know how it tipped.  The wind?  A dog?  Hopefully, it won't happen again.

Marigolds are hardy so I'm hoping they'll do well in this spot which gets a lot of sun.
We have barrels of fun flowers in our backyard.

I really, really do like the rustic look.  Lon and I came up with this planter last year, a rectangular box set on three pieces of wood. 

Here we have another barrel surrounded by Lilies of the Valley that I took from my dad's yard many years ago.

I find holes dug in the soil in my barrels but fortunately the plants aren't bothered.  I suspect it's our resident chipmunk's doings.

How do you like this color?  Lon picked these plants.  They're nice for a change.

These are on the north side of our screen porch.  We bought the green plant without flowers at the Bird Fest.  It's a wildflower.  I was told they don't need much water at all so I try to be careful when I water the impatiens.

Here's a look at my vegetable garden from above (in the fort).  We had frost a few nights last week so we had to relocate my tomatoes, cucumber and sweet pepper plants to the screen porch for the night.

We copied what Jared did last year and planted Sun Patiens in our tree surround planters.

Yes, it's an annual thing.


Linda McMann said...

Looks lovely! Hurray for Spring! Your tomatoes look like they are doing well!

Cheryl aka Shaddy said...

LINDA: Thank you sooo much. Lon and I will be putting up stakes for the tomato plants soon. I'm thinking positive!!

Angela Montero said...

Love,love and love all youre flowers! so pretty

Cheryl aka Shaddy said...

ANGELA: They'd sure love some sunshine. Wouldn't we all!!??

See you tomorrow.