Saturday, June 8, 2013

Drew & Tracy's Wedding (Part 2)

After the wedding ceremony, while the wedding party was having pictures taken, we were served drinks at an open bar and an abundant variety of delicious hors d'oeuvres. 

I took this opportunity to take photos of our family who came together for the wedding.  Here we have my brother-John, his wife-Phyllis and my brother-Tom.

My brother-Bob and his wife-Bonnie traveled with us from Beloit, Wisconsin to attend the wedding.

My niece, Brittany, drove to Beloit from Appleton, Wisconsin and then rode with her father-John and Phyllis to the wedding in Novi, Michigan.

I took several pictures without asking family to pose.  I like this one of Tom.

Lon and Brittany are happy. 

Brittany, John and Lon.

We were instructed to go to the room where the reception was to be held.  After the wedding party joined us, Ryan gave the traditional best man's speech.  He did a great job.

Drew also spoke.  He thanked all of the guests for sharing this special day with him and Tracy.     

It's time to dance...

...and get used to being husband and wife.

My brother, Carl, now has two married sons.

I like Carl in his tux.

Emma and Abigail and a precious moment.

Emma and Abby doing what kids love to do at weddings.

Abby and Ryan dancing.

Aren't they sweet in their matching dresses?

John and Phyllis during the sit down dinner.

Drew and his father-in-law.  Looks like they're both happy guys.

Drew and his sister, Beth.  Looking good!

Sarah-Ryan's wife was excited as she waited for Emma and Abby to come down the aisle in the ceremony.
Carl and I in the hotel lobby before the wedding.

Jared, Britt and me during the reception dinner.
This thoughtful card was beside each place setting at the reception dinner.

We all stayed at the hotel where the wedding and reception were held.  That worked out well for everyone.
On Friday evening, Pam-Drew's mother, hosted a rehearsal dinner at her home and we were all invited.  We enjoyed plenty of food, drinks and fun.  It was a lovely gathering on a beautiful evening in Pam's yard.
Once again, CONGRATULATIONS TO DREW AND TRACY, from all of us.  


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