Sunday, September 15, 2013

Apple Pie & More at Edward's Orchard

After arriving at Edwards Orchard in Poplar Grove, IL (7061 Centerville Rd. for your GPS) yesterday, we made a beeline through these doors on the lower level.  We had several options to choose from at Edwards including gift shopping, wagon rides and apple picking but our appetites made the decision easy.

Once through those doors, Lon and I sat on metal milk cans at a table and each devoured a piece of apple pie for breakfast.  This was our second trip to Edwards and our second piece of pie there this fall. 

Edwards Orchard is amazing.  They grow these beautiful mums in their fields.

Inside the main barn is a wonderland of food and gift items of all kinds.  The d├ęcor lends a nostalgic, warm and comforting atmosphere to all who enter.

See that Hawthorn-Mellody sign at the top of this photo?  It was an instant reminder of the Hawthorn-Mellody milk truck that pulled in our driveway regularly when my brothers and I were growing up.  I can still see the big blocks of ice inside the truck. 

I would have had to take a hundred pictures in order to show you everything at Edwards Orchard, inside and outside.

Pretty sweet, huh?

Everything is presented professionally.

Beautiful, aren't they?

Two weeks ago, only Ginger Gold apples were available.

We left with our stomachs full of ice cream, apple pie, cider and donuts.  (While I was getting us a table, Lon ordered our "breakfast."  Yikes...cider and donuts besides the pie and ice cream?!)

After browsing, I bought a three-pack of popcorn balls to take home, another must-have whenever I'm at Edwards.

I can't imagine all the people, young and old, who visit Edwards Orchard every year.  All I know for sure is that we always do. 

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