Sunday, September 22, 2013

Hummingbirds Sitting Still

I've seen hummingbirds in our yard in great numbers recently.  They've been busy drinking from our sugar water feeders and fighting with each other over who gets to drink first.

Hummingbirds normally don't stay still for long.  I'm often too slow to get my camera and get it focused in for a decent photo.  Lately, I've noticed many are taking time to relax on our power and cable wires and in our bush beside our deck.  That's allowed me to take some good closeups.

This is my recent favorite.   

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Gullible said...

This really is an amazing shot. I agree with you about hummingbirds never sitting still long enough to focus. That's why I have more than a hundred shots of an unusual Chinese hummingbird. And only a couple keepers.