Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Calming Effect of Birdsong

"Bird Brain

The calming effect of birdsong may be the reason that the crime rate dipped in Lancaster, a high desert city near Los Angeles.  In 2011, the town installed 70 speakers along half a mile of its main thoroughfare and piped in a dulcet chorus of songs, chirps, and tweets--minor crime fell 15 percent and major crimes were down 6 percent."

I found this in the National Geographic Bird Watcher's Bible. 

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elizabethwestmark.net said...

We had a flock of bluebirds through here today. Not regulars, just tourists passing through. Loved your photos. My brother, Wally, is a serious birder, and a wonderful photographer and writer. I really think you will fall in love with his blog. It's called Our Florida Journal and the address is http://ourfloridajournal.com. Wally and his wife, Gini, makes lots of before sunrise day trips from their home near Lakeland to photograph birds (and the occasional alligator!).