Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Behind My Kitchen Cabinet Doors

I won't be swearing at or wrestling with my pots and pans and their lids anymore.
A two-tiered divided drawer is almost more than I need.  I'm still organizing; I'm sure I'll utilize every compartment eventually.  

I didn't know these pull-outs were even available until we started cabinet shopping.  Neat, huh?

I'm loving these lazy susans in this deep corner cabinet.  With our old cabinets, I had to lie on my stomach when I wanted to retrieve objects from far in the back. 

I never dreamed I'd have such a fun kitchen.

We've even put this space to work for us with this tilt-out storage compartment. 
How about this?  I HATE looking for things.  This contraption puts several of my cleaning products at my fingertips. 

Why not?  We're peanut butter and bread addicts.   

A few files are easy to get to in this drawer.

Oh my, I'm repeating myself.  You've seen this already.  But dang, can life get much better!!

When I'm happy, I overflow.  Well, I'm very happy and I can't contain myself.  I hope you've enjoyed seeing what's behind my kitchen cabinet doors.



Gullible said...

Love that under-sink thing. I have a couple slide outs for spices that I really like. Might I suggest some of that anti-slip shelf liner in the flatware drawer and under canned goods? You know, like the stuff used in RVs. It'll save some wear and tear on the wood. Costco sells big rolls of it in a tan color.

Nancy Gadzuk a/k/a Natasha Alexander said...

Wow! This is gorgeous! I love your drawer pulls too!

Stephanie said...

Love those pullouts!!! Lots of cool stuff! I don't think that will ever get old! :)