Saturday, February 1, 2014

Mentally Strong People

                                        Mentally Strong People:

                 The 13 Things They Avoid

                    By Forbes Contributor Amy Morin

1.  They avoid wasting time feeling sorry for themselves.

2.  They avoid giving away their power.

3.  They avoid shying away from change.

4.  They avoid wasting energy on things they can't control.

5.  They avoid worrying about pleasing others.

6.  They avoid being fearful when taking calculated risks.

7.  They avoid dwelling on the past.

8.  They avoid making the same mistakes over and over.

9.  They avoid resenting other people's success.

10.  They avoid giving up after failure.

11.  They avoid fearing alone time.

12.  They avoid feeling the world owes them anything.

13.  They avoid expecting immediate results.


Beth said...

Fascinating, Cheryl. I look forward to reading along as you "unpack" each one. I have long wondered about people like you and me, who have the good fortune to be unusually resilient. There is some evidence to suggest we were born with these hardy personalities, and that we came into the world with a more effective coping tool-kit. I think people can definitely learn different ways to respond to failures and frustrations that can help them become more resilient, though, and this list sounds like it's full of clues.

Cheryl aka Shaddy said...

It's going to be a great year, isn't it Beth!! I can always use improvement so lists like this give me goals I can focus on.

I'm looking forward to "unpacking" them too. I love how you used that word. You're very clever, my friend. Take that and run with it as you write. You're going to be famous before long. I really believe that!!!

Annie said...

These are great! Some I could improve on as well.