Sunday, April 20, 2014

312 Urban Wheat Ale, Ten Hills Pale Ale and Shock Top Honeycrisp Apple Wheat Ale

Beer #1 today was Goose Island: 312 Urban Wheat Ale. It's brewed in Fort Collins, CO. The label says "Serve 312 in a tall glass. 4.2%ALC./VOL. 312 is an unfiltered ale. A sediment may form in the bottle."
 As always, I liked it. 
Beer #2 today was Goose Island: Ten Hills Pale Ale. Label info: "Limited release. Hops from Elk Mountain Farms. Brewed in Baldwinsville, NY. Serve Ten Hills Pale Ale in a nonic glass. 6.2% ALC./VOL. Est. 1988 Chicago. Contains: Wheat."
Anyone know offhand about a nonic glass? For fear of ruining a good beer by drinking it from an improper glass, I drank it straight from the bottle.
Beer #3 ( my last for those who may be worrying) today was Shock Top Honeycrisp Apple Wheat. Label: "Belgian-style ale brewed with cider and spices with natural Honeycrisp apple flavor and other natural flavor. Brewed in St. Louis, MO. 5.2% ALC./VOL. To serve, pour down the side of the glass until 1/2 inch is left in the bottle. Swirl the remaining brew and pour to produce a rich, thick collar of foam. Enjoy!
As always, I liked it.


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