Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Don't Need a Pub for Sam Adams Irish Red

I worked my job this morning and have been going nonstop this afternoon. It's time for a beer. Today, I'm having my first ever Samuel Adams Irish Red. It's icy cold and AS ALWAYS, I LIKE IT. Being off my feet adds to my enjoyment. I have only one wish: Hurry home, Lon, grab a Miller High Life Light and meet me on the deck.  (Lon doesn't care for all the beers I like to try.  Miller Light is what he wants).

The label around the neck of my bottle reads: Deep russet in color, our Irish Red is full of hearty, roasty character inspired by the red ales of Ireland. Brewed to suit the cool rainy days (or any time in a pub), we use roasted caramel malts for a rich smooth malt backbone and balance them with earthy English hops for a comforting & satisfying brew. Cheers! Jim Koch.

(I've got news for the label designers, this beer suits me just fine on sunny day far from a pub).

The main label tells me my beer is proudly bottled and brewed by The Boston Beer Company. Product of the USA. 5.8% ALC./VOL.

What will you be enjoying this evening in your neck of the woods?

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