Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Alaska Journal #23: Our Last Cruise Day Was Spent Appropriately At Sea

Saturday, June 7th, was our last day on the cruise ship.  

As always, screens continuously flashed navigational statistics.

We've been to Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway and Glacier Bay.  As the arrow indicates, we're on our way to Seward.

The arrow marks our exact location.

It's easy to get confused regarding the day of the week when on vacation.  These mats in the elevator kept us in-the-know.   

Twink, Mary, Charlotte and Donna are enjoying our last day on board the Stattendam.

Is this an upbeat and fun group or what??  Jackie, Rae, Sherry, Laura and Donna. 

You think there's water in that big bottle?  Let's go with that.  

The Pinnacle Grill
Lon, Lynnette, Alice and I enjoyed a complimentary lunch in the Pinnacle Grill, the upscale restaurant on the ship.     

Another view of my tower salad.

I was dying to dig in, thus this shot is a bit blurry.

Of course, there was dessert too.  I must have gobbled it up without a photo.  

The Lido Bar and the Lido Pool area 

The Lido Pool and an entertainment stage.  (I've shown you some of these areas of the ship in previous posts.  I had to take some last looks on our last day).  

The Terrace Grill, only a few steps from the pool, served tacos and hamburgers from noon until 3:00.

Plentiful seating with views of the scenery or the sea were available in many locations on the ship.

I borrowed this photo from Ray and Jackie's collection.  We had endless selections for breakfast and lunch here in the Lido Restaurant.

We met up with our group here at The Crow's Nest on the Sports Deck for a drink before dinner on our last evening on the ship.  
The Crow's Nest had several areas to settle in for a relaxing time.

We usually seated ourselves along the windows near where the waiter is standing.  This photo is also from Ray and Jackie's collection.

Me, Alice and Lynnette wetting our whistles after a hard day's cruising.  (Jackie and Ray's photo).  I'm not sure how it got so blurry.  It wasn't before I moved it here.  

Laura and Sherry smiling as always.  (Jackie and Ray's photo).

And here are....Ray and Jackie.  Faces to go with the names I've been mentioning.

I loved my 16 ounce metal bottle of Bud.  I would have loved to bring the empty home with me.
We said goodbye to David...

...and Lenny.  They wouldn't be traveling to Denali with our group.  I believe they were going to Fairbanks.
Deck 8, the Upper Promenade Deck, contained the casino.
Another area with window seats facing the outside.

The Explorations Cafe served specialty coffee, offered internet connection for checking email or researching the next port of call, provided music and a vast library of books and magazines. 

Shouldn't Lon be relaxing in one of those lounge chairs?  Could we ask for a more inviting spot?  I don't think so!!

The next day we would be disembarking from the ship for the last time in Seward.  We had packing to do, complicated packing.  We were instructed to bring a minimal amount of luggage with us to Denali for our two night stay.  The rest of our luggage would be sent ahead to Anchorage, our final destination.



Gullible said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the "elevator mat of the day"! Fantastic idea. Fantaastic ship!

Cap Chastain said...

We are feeling a separation-loss at YOUR having to call-it-a-trip and that in terms-of-your-blog you will soon have to LEAVE your HOME .. The Ship! This certainly must be a real phenomenon for all-of-you .. at our ages there may NOT be another-tomorrow .. there may NOT be another-cruise such as this one.
I wonder .. does the Ship feel an abandonment issue? Since I believe when you leave The Ship other visitors who have flown-north-to-Alaska will board and cruise-south-to-Vancouver. So The Ship will just continue on in its life-adventure.

This I will say .. ONE MUST join at the beginning and then follow-along consistently on such a series of posts. So for this-reason we feel we have been part of the cruise.

WE ALSO KNOW some of what-lies-next.

Next Monday the 14th Patti and I will be leaving Anchorage to drive North past Denali National Park to Fairbanks then drive another 160 miles to Manley Hot Springs to visit 'our place' up in the remote part of Alaska known simply as .. THE INTERIOR.


We WILL be with-you however for a few more days ..

Smiles from Cap (the talkative one) and from Patti (the quiet one) ..

Cheryl aka Shaddy said...

CAP & PATTI: I hope you have a wonderful time in Manley Hot Springs. I'll miss your comments but will look forward to seeing them when you return home and catch up. No internet connections up there where you're going!!! How will you survive? Just kidding. I know you'll be better off without it, just cuz you know how to live.