Friday, July 11, 2014

Alaska Journal #24: Welcome to Seward, Alaska

After our final night on the cruise ship, we arrived in Seward, Alaska.  It was around 6 AM.  Our bags were packed and we were ready to go.

We had traveled from the "tail" of Alaska to the "body" of the state but, as you can see, we hadn't left any of the gorgeous scenery behind. 

I was getting excited because we were now in Gully's neck of the woods. 

The dock men were ready to do their work.

Quite a back drop for this photo of Lon.

We followed Alice and Lynnette to where we would be told with which group we were scheduled to leave the ship and which motorcoach we would be taking to Denali National Park.  Trips like this are rather complicated at times; we were glad Lynnette was always "in the know."  She's one smart cookie!

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Cap Chastain said...

So nice to see a few photos of Seward Alaska .. a place we have visited many times. I well imagine the cruise trips have many options and varying directions for the visitors ..

Smiles from Cap and Patti ..