Thursday, August 14, 2014

Beer Journal #2: A Beer a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Besides drinking a wide variety of beers (anything available in single bottles) and salvaging the labels, I stage each bottle and take a photograph. I post the pictures on Facebook on the day I enjoy them and, about once a week, I post the photos on my blog.

  I told you I'm serious about beer, thus, documentation is essential.  Surely, you understand,....or not?  Well, I request that you humor me and we'll get along just fine. 
Ending a work day on the deck with my husband and a new-to-me beer is an excellent transition into the evening.

I really do believe that having a beer a day is a good idea, for me, anyway.  Why?  It relaxes me and makes every day a little better.  That's good medicine.


Cap Chastain said...

What an interesting Post Shaddy. Obviously your followers do not know.. from experience.. the work involved in taking photos of each bottle in differing locations and settings. This is a form of serious art. Do you have a collection of these beers .. are they full or have you and Lon partaken of them? They appear to be unopened. Beautiful photographs. Smiles from Cap and Patti ..

One is too many and the rest of the case is not enough ..

Cheryl aka Shaddy said...

CAP & PATTI: They may be full when I take the photo, but they are all empty soon after!!! And no, Lon prefers his Miller High Life Light. I drank all of the beers you see photographed. Normally, I have one a day but on weekends and occasionally during the week, I'll have two. CHEERS!!

I'm saving the labels and putting them in an album.