Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Beer Journal #22: Big Sky I.P.A., Satisfaction Jacksin Double IPA, Boatilla Amber Ale,Scurvy IPA & More

Tecate Light
Imported Beer

My rating on 9/26/14: So So

Session I.P.A.
India Pale Ale
Wisconsin Brewing Co.
Verona, Wisconsin

My rating on 9/26/14: Yes Yes

Shiner Premium
Spoetzl Brewery
Shiner, Texas

My rating on 9/27/14: Yes Yes

India Pale Ale
Tyranena Brewing Co.
Lake Mills, Wisconsin

Label fun:
The pirates of Rock Lake. No cannons to thunder. Nothing to plunder. And the menacing schooners of yore have now been replaced by party barges. What's a modern-day pirate to do? Thankfully, skinny dipping has replaced walking the plank and there's still plenty of booty to be had. And as fate would have it, we can still get a case of Scurvy...today, as an India Pale Ale blasting with citrus flavors and aroma. So grab your black jack, fill it with Scurvy IPA and splice the mainbrace with your mates. Arrrrrrghhh!
My rating on 9/27/14: Yes Yes 

Big Sky I.P.A.
India Pale Ale
Big Sky Brewing Co.
Missoula, Montana

6.2% alc/vol

My rating on 9/28/14: So So

Satisfaction Jacksin
Double India Pale Ale
Ale Asylum
Madison, Wisconsin

Label fun:
Three pounds of Centennial Hops per barrel give our double IPA a slightly punishing yet entirely pleasing bitterness that dances on the tongue. Satisfaction is brewed with passion and is best enjoyed that way.

My rating on 9/28/14: So So

Amber Ale
Big Bay Brewing Co.
Stevens Point, Wisconsin

Label fun:
Life on the water is a little sweeter. The sun is shining, the waves rolling. Grab a six-pack, and soak it all in.

My rating on 9/29/14: So So

Spring IPA
India Pale Ale
Abita Brewing Co.
Abita Springs, LA

Label fun:
Spring India Pale Ale is a West Coast-style IPA with an up-front intense hop flavor and aroma. Amarillo and Centennial hops give the brew a rich and resinous flavor of citrus and spice. This bright pale ale has a malt sweetness that will give way to a pleasant bitter.
A beer behind the times. In a lot of ways the town of Shiner, Texas (pop. 2,070) is the same today as it was in 1909. Sure, there've been a few concessions in the name of progress. Like the stoplight on the road through town. But somehow its spirit remains the same. Maybe part of the secret is in the bottle, a premium style lager crafted with the same love and care today as it was generations ago. We hope it take you back. --------PROSIT!

My rating on 9/29/14: So So

Batch 19
Pre-Prohibition Style Lager
Coors Brewery Archives
Golden, CO

Label info:
Inspired by an authentic recipe with Strisselspalt & Hersbrucker hops.

My rating on 9/30/14: So So

The Big O
O'So Brewing Co.
Plover, Wisconsin

Label fun:
Join the fight against boring beer at OSoBrewing.com! Discover the art of freestyle brewing.

My rating on 9/30/14: Yes Yes

Awards go to:
Scurvy for the most entertaining label narrative.
Big Sky I.P.A. for the most wholesome label picture.
Tecate for the least informative label.
Satisfaction Jacksin for the most frightening label picture.


Friday, September 26, 2014

Beer Journal #21: Bell's Amber Ale, Guinness Extra Stout, Imperial Jack Double IPA, Goose Island Endless IPA, Huber Bock and More

Amber Ale
Bell's Brewery, Inc.
Comstock, MI

Label info:
First brewed in 1985, Bell's Amber Ale embodies the heritage of our brewery and celebrates the nature of the Great Lakes region.

5.8% alc/vol

My rating on 9/23/14: Yes Yes

Guinness Extra Stout
Guinness Brewing Company
New Brunswick, Canada

Label info:
Traditionally brewed St. James's Gate Dublin
Brewed since 1759 with natural ingredients, today GUINNESS is enjoyed in over 150 countries. Experience the robust, mellow and satisfying flavor for yourself.
GUINNESS Word, HARP Device and ARTHUR GUINNESS Signature are trademarks.

My rating on 9/24/14: Yes Yes

Imperial Jack
Double IPA
Brewed and bottle by: Rhinelander Brewing Company LLC
Monroe, WI

Label fun:
The grand daddy of them all, Imperial Jack--robust, malty and heavily hopped. Who said "jackrabbits" don't bite?

8.5% alc/vol

My rating on 9/24/14: Yes Yes 

Legacy Lager
Bottled/Brewed by Minhas Craft Brewery
Monroe, WI
Tonka Beer Company
Minnetonka, MN

Label fun:
Save a lake, enjoy a Tonka Beer.
100% of our profits support SAVE-OUR-LAKES to help eradicate invasive species.
A lager derived from noble Saaz hops, select two-row pale, choice caramel and Munich barley.

5.2% alc/vol

My rating on 9/25/14: Yes Yes

Endless IPA
Goose Island Beer Co.
Baldwinsville, NY and Fort Collins, CO

Label fun:
Limited Release
Session Ale
Brewed to be easy drinking and endlessly refreshing, so you can enjoy every encore.

5.0% alc/vol

My rating on 9/25/14: Yes Yes

Huber Bock
Brewed by Joseph Huber Brewing Co.
Monroe, WI

Label info:
From the oldest brewery in the Midwest
Craft-brewed and enjoyed since 1845
All trademarks and designs are the property of Mountain Crest SRL

5.5% alc/vol

My rating on 9/25/14: Yes Yes

Shiner Kosmos
Spoetzl Brewery
Shiner, Texas

Label fun:
This aromatic dry hopped lager is specially brewed to celebrate the man who started it all.
The original brewmaster of Shiner: Kosmos Spoetzl
Kosmos Spoetzl knew how to brew great beer. Born in Bavaria, Kosmos' mastery of German brewing carried him as far as Egypt before he found his way to the small Texas town of Shiner. Our proud brewery still carries his name and commitment to excellence in brewing. This full-flavored, hop-jacked lager is every bit as unique as the man himself and our way of saluting the brewmaster who started it all. ** PROSIT! **

My rating on 9/26/14: Yes Yes

Awards go to:
Imperial Jack Double IPA for the highest alcohol rating
Shiner Kosmos for the most honorable beer, saluting the brewmaster who started it all--Kosmos Spoetzl
Legacy Lager for donating 100% of its profits to SAVE-OUR-LAKES
All of the beers listed here for their Yes Yes ratings.* 

*Don't put much value on my ratings this past few days. I think my need for beer overshadowed my judgements. Anything containing alcohol was destined to earn a Yes Yes!


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Beer Journal #20: Snake Dog IPA, Shock Top Pumpkin Wheat, Alaskan IPA, Leinie's Creamy Dark, Billy Bock and More

Snake Dog IPA
Flying Dog Brewery
Frederick, Maryland

Label fun:
"It snakes down the throat like a faithful friend."  --Anna Steadman

He slithers through the city in search of his face. No place too seedy, no place too fake--they're all on the menu tonight. And of course she'll find him irresistible, for it's the forked tongue she prefers.

"Good People Drink Good Beer." --Hunter S. Thompson

7.1% alc/vol

My rating on 9/18/14: So So

Honey Ale
Brewed and bottled by Gray Brewing Co.
Janesville, WI

Label info:

Ale brewed with 100% pure honey

My rating on 9/19/14: So So

Pumpkin Wheat
Belgian-style wheat ale
Shock Top Brewing Co.
St. Louis, MO

Label info:
Belgian-style wheat ale brewed with pumpkin and spices

5.1% alc/vol

My rating on 9/19/14: So So

Sawtooth Nitro
All-American Ale
Left Hand Brewing Co.
Longmont, CA

Label fun:
Brewed on the banks of the Mighty St. Vrain
Super smooth nutty malt flavors balanced by herbal hops.
Enjoy at: 40-45 degrees F in a pub glass
1. Pour hard  2. Admire & enjoy

5.3% alc/vol

My rating on 9/19/14: Yes Yes

Alaskan IPA
Alaskan Brewing Co.
Juneau, AK

6.2% alc/vol

My rating on 9/20/14: So So

Creamy Dark
American Dark Lager
Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Co.
Chippewa Falls, WI   Milwaukee, WI

Label fun:
The pride of Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin since 1867.
Carefully brewed by the Leinenkugel family for five generations.

My rating on 9/20/14: Yes Yes

Imperial Pale Ale
New Belgium Brewing
Fort Collins, Co.

Label fun:
That craving for hops starts to take over in this RAMPANT Imperial IPA proliferating with heavy peach tones, herbal sweetness and aromatic complexity.
New Belgium's Employee Owners would love you to stop by the brewery! 500 Linden, Fort Collins, CO

8.5% alc/vol

My rating on 9/21/14: So So

Memory Lane
German-style pilsner
O'So Brewing Co.
Plover, WI

Label info:
Join the fight against Alzheimer's!
5% of proceeds of this beer helps support the Alzheimer's Association of Wisconsin. To learn more on how to help out go to www.alz.org/gwwi

My rating on 9/21/14: Yes Yes  

Fighting Billy Bock
Minhas Brewing Co.
Monroe, WI

Label fun:
HELP DISPEL THE CURSE. The curse can easily be dispelled by showing a sincere fondness for Billy Bock. It fights only to maintain its dignity. What does "=" sign mean? It explains the relationship between BOCK and TASTE. Simply put BOCK = TASTE. Chill Billy Bock to 45 degrees F (7 degrees C), call over 3 of your best buddies and help dispel the curse.
Union Made

5.5% alc/vol

My rating on 9/22/14: No No
(I did drink all of it but wouldn't care to do so again).

Jockamo IPA
Abita Brewing Company LLC
Abita Springs, LA

Label fun:
Jockamo is an American IPA brewed with pale, red and caramel malts. This copper-colored ale is liberally hopped and dry hopped with Willamette and Columbus hops. The flavor is bold like the "Mardi Gras Indians" who march through New Orleans in suits of feathers and beads.
Live It  Abita.com  Love It

6.5% alc/vol

My rating on 9/23/14: Yes Yes


Wrapping up this review:

The humanitarian beer award goes to: Memory Lane
The most entertaining label award goes to: Snake Dog
The highest alcohol content award goes to: Rampant
The best tasting beer awards go to: Sawtooth Nitro, Memory Lane, Creamy Dark and Jockamo IPA
The worst tasting beer award goes to: Fighting Billy Bock


Friday, September 19, 2014

Lake Vermilion: Another Day's Sights

These are very tiny flowers, so cute.

Lake Vermilion is 46 miles long. 

We are at the far western end of the lake. 

And this is the east end of the lake.


I spotted this animal in a gravel pit and got this blurry photo of it. I was in awe of its markings. It was the size of a fox but I don't know what it is.
I passed this on my walk.
Check out the size of this bass in the Spring Bay Resort's gift shop.

So awesome!

This is a replica of a musky that Steve, the guide, caught in 2012.

A northern also on display.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Beer Journal #19: All the Crazy Fun Facts About Snake Dog IPA (Flying Dog Brewery)

My beer hobby has brought me entertainment I'd never imagined possible. SNAKE DOG IPA, not a typical beer name, right? 

FLYING DOG, the brewery name, is also "out there." 
I always examine the label. The wisdom I find is absolutely mind-boggling, for instance, would you expect to read such an enlightening quote while drinking a beer?
It makes no sense whatsoever. Gotta love that!

And then there's the artwork. Is this fabulously freaky. I know. My taste proves that I'm just plain sick in the head.

The choker on the bottle neck is just the right touch, don't you think?

The bizarre creativity of the folks at Flying Dog Brewery has no boundaries.

I thought I'd gleaned all the treasures to be found until I took a good look at this Flying Dog six-pack carrier.

Maryland, huh...who'd have thought. I wonder if Maryland is proud of them? They should be, unless they're prudes.

Hey, You! I love that. 
This statement gets a Yes Yes + rating from me.

I'll never toss a six-pack carrier again without checking it out thoroughly. Some of this was printed on the bottom!!

My husband and I have considered traveling to the East Coast. I'm moving it up on our priority list. I'd love to visit the brewery responsible for the fun I've had sharing their unique spirit. I hope you got a kick out of it too.