Thursday, September 18, 2014

Beer Journal #19: All the Crazy Fun Facts About Snake Dog IPA (Flying Dog Brewery)

My beer hobby has brought me entertainment I'd never imagined possible. SNAKE DOG IPA, not a typical beer name, right? 

FLYING DOG, the brewery name, is also "out there." 
I always examine the label. The wisdom I find is absolutely mind-boggling, for instance, would you expect to read such an enlightening quote while drinking a beer?
It makes no sense whatsoever. Gotta love that!

And then there's the artwork. Is this fabulously freaky. I know. My taste proves that I'm just plain sick in the head.

The choker on the bottle neck is just the right touch, don't you think?

The bizarre creativity of the folks at Flying Dog Brewery has no boundaries.

I thought I'd gleaned all the treasures to be found until I took a good look at this Flying Dog six-pack carrier.

Maryland, huh...who'd have thought. I wonder if Maryland is proud of them? They should be, unless they're prudes.

Hey, You! I love that. 
This statement gets a Yes Yes + rating from me.

I'll never toss a six-pack carrier again without checking it out thoroughly. Some of this was printed on the bottom!!

My husband and I have considered traveling to the East Coast. I'm moving it up on our priority list. I'd love to visit the brewery responsible for the fun I've had sharing their unique spirit. I hope you got a kick out of it too.


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Lynnette said...

What a hoot! Slightly weird, but very entertaining! I love all the info on the carrier.