Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Lake Vermilion: Midday Scenery

While Lon and Jared were fishing, I took a walk.

We're very close to where we used to stay when we first came to Lake Vermilion in the late 80's.

I ventured toward the cabin where we use to stay. No one seemed to be around.

I didn't think anyone would mind if I came even closer.

The new owners have built a walkway/stairway down the slope to the door.

I couldn't bring myself to turn and walk away until...

...I got to here. We spent many fun-filled days right here. Jared learned to fish on this lake and has never stopped enjoying the sport.  

My courage failed me so I left my memories and continued down the drive a bit further where it ends. A metal moose stood among the tall trees at this point between two bays.  To the right, beyond this photo, is The White Eagle Resort.

The first signs of autumn are the most precious.

I walked to The White Eagle Resort. I enjoyed visiting with the old and new owners who made me feel very welcome even though my sweatshirt blared out: Spring Bay Resort. (I wasn't aware of that until I left. Oops. It didn't affect my encounters in the least--proof these are fine folks).

I told them that we had stayed at their resort in the past and that we loved it. I also let them know that Lon had encouraged a large group of our acquaintances to try White Eagle. Several related families have spent many summer vacations there as a result of his recommendation.  


Lynnette said...

I love that you got to check out the cottage you often stayed in since it holds such great memories! Beautiful scenery!

Cheryl aka Shaddy said...

I just HAD to get as close as I dared. No one was around so I thought it would be okay to take a peek.