Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Beer Journal #24: Murphy's Red Ale, Dark Voyage Black IPA, Ambergeddon, Lagunitas DayTime Ale, Bridgeport Trilogy 2 & More

Murphy's Premium Red Ale
Irish Style Red Ale
Brewed under the supervision of Murphy Brewery, Cork, Ireland
by Heineken
Product of the Netherlands

Label info:
Premium Irish-style red ale brewed to the original recipe
Imported by United States Beverage, Stamford, CT

My rating on 10/7/14: So So

(I enjoyed this with a friend and lunch). 

Trilogy 2
Aussie Salute IPA
Bridgeport Brewing Company
Portland, OR

Label info:
 30 years proud
This Aussie-hopped American IPA is a collaboration between Australian Phil Sexton, former Bridgeport brewmaster and creator of the original Bridgeport IPA, and our brewmaster, Jeff Edgerton. It is sent through the hopjack with Centennials and Chinooks, and finally dry-hopped with bold Australian grown Galaxy and Ella hops. The result is pure IPA alchemy, a hearty and hazy trans-hemispheric brew that celebrates our brewers, past and present.

5.8% alc/vol

My rating on 10/7/14: So So

(The spider goes quite well with the label, don't you think?)

Fractional IPA, A Dry-Hopped Ale
Lagunitas Brewing Co.
Petaluma, CA

Label fun:
Lagunitas "Say Lah-Goo-Knee-Tuss"
Fractional IPA
(Is that ridiculous or what...??)
"Have you been jonesing for something more primal and less evolved? If so, Fire is the element for you. Air, Water, and Earth are of no use. There is a freedom in burning down the house of fixed expectations and it confers an undeniable lightness to being."
"...of hops, malt, hops, yeast, and water.

4.65% alc/vol

My rating on 10/8/14: So So

(A beer made especially for DayTime drinking; gotta love that!)

Dark Voyage
Black IPA
Capital Brewery
Middleton, WI

Label info:
This black ale is the perfect balance of dark roasted malt and bright hop flavors. Even with these bold and complex flavors at the forefront this beer still has a remarkably clean finish.

6.5% alc/vol

My rating on 10/8/14: No No

(The name, Dark Voyage, is rather intriguing, but, I wouldn't do this one again).

Marzen Style
Stevens Point Brewery
Stevens Point, WI

Label info:
Brewing excellence since 1857
Point - Well Made

My rating on 10/9/14:  So So

(Tis the season for an Oktoberfest beer, indeed, indeed!)

Amber Ale
Ale Asylum
Madison, WI

Label fun:
With a fury of hop flavor and a strong malt backbone, this west-coast style amber is part ale, part sensory eruption, and all-American. Ambergeddon is brewed with passion and is best enjoyed that way.

My rating on 10/9/14: So So

(I had this with dinner at The Log Den in Egg Harbor, WI, an awesome place).

Door County Cherry Wheat Ale
Wheat Ale
Brewed and bottled by Shipwrecked
Egg Harbor, WI

Wheat ale with natural cherry flavor

My rating on 10/10/14: So So

(It was fun stopping at the Shipwrecked brewery and restaurant. I was able to pack up one bottle of each of their brews).

Door County Pumpkin Ale
Brewed and bottled by Shipwrecked
Egg Harbor, WI

Label info:
Malt beverage brewed with pumpkin and spices (nutmeg, salt, cinnamon, allspice, ginger)

My rating on 10/11/14: So So

(I didn't have far to go to find a pumpkin in Fish Creek, WI. This beer just HAD to be photographed next to a big, orange pumpkin. Right?)

Bavarian Style Lager
Upland Brewing Co.
Bloomington, IN

My rating on 10/11/14: Yes Yes

(I took this photo from our room at The Mainstreet Motel in Fish Creek. Lon was fishing so I was playing as well).

Amstel Radler
Beer and Lemon
Amsterdam, Holland

Label info:
Double refreshing taste of beer and lemon
Due to juice content, settling may occur

2.0% alc/vol

My rating on 10/14/14: So So

(I'm back home, taking it easy after a couple of days of no drinking on account of too many beers on the 11th at Door County Brewing Company. Today's Amstel Radler is only 2.0% alc/vol. I'm taking baby steps!!)

Awards go to:

Daytime for the most entertaining label.

Ambergeddon for the darkest label image.

Amstel Radler for the least alc/vol that I've come upon.

Bridgeport Trilogy 2 for the collaboration of two brewmasters, past and present, to create this brew.



Cap Chastain said...

I can NOT get over the work you put into these posts Shaddy. I have some followers who seem to delight in attempting to show that some of my photos are used several times. Which by-the-way they are. I wonder .. do you have some set backgrounds that you use for more than one of your beers. Love the little character at the top. Smiles .. Cap and Patti ..

Cheryl aka Shaddy said...

CAP & PATTI: I try to photograph each beer in a different location but I'm sure there are some repeat settings occasionally. I do tire with working and trying to keep a blog and post on FB so I may forget which Halloween doodads have been in my beer photos.

It's fun any way you look at it!!!!

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