Monday, October 20, 2014

Beer Journal #26: In Praise of Pastoral Farmhouse Ale, Door County Brewing Company

I love reading beer bottle labels for the interesting tidbits often hidden in the fine print. I've discovered that the beer carry cartons are worth examining as well.

I found the following narrative on the Pastoral Farmhouse Ale carton pictured above.

"It's about your everyday man. The dirt underneath his fingernails is not just a constant, but a comfort. He wakes and dawns with the sun, he farms his own land, and he brews his own beer. Not just any beer, but a beer brewed in the tradition of the Belgian farmers before us. In Door County, Wisconsin, hard seasonal workers forged our rich heritage. Pastoral is a celebration of the seasons and the land--from farmhouses past to fields present. Both refreshing and dry, with hints of pepper, citrus and green grass, the recipe is not just about the beauty in simplicity, but also the pride in tradition."

I find those words to be as comforting as the affects of a good beer.


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