Sunday, November 16, 2014

Beer Journal #32: Nightfall Lager, Alaskan Freeride APA, Black O' Lantern & More

Nightfall Lager
Dark Lager
Pecatonica Beer Company
Monroe, WI

Label fun:
"A truly balanced dark lager brewed with the finest Cascade, Centennial, Hallertau hops & traditional malts. Enjoy our love for artisan craft beer.

5.9% alc/vol

I didn't like this dark lager and on 11/10/14 I gave it a No No rating.

Freeride APA
American Pale Ale
Alaskan Brewing Co.
Juneau, Alaska

5.3% alc/vol

On 11/11/14, I gave Freeride APA a So So rating.

The picture on the label of a guy on a bicycle wearing a backpack and riding on frozen water past a glacier is extraordinary.

Good Old Potosi Beer
Potosi Brewing Company
Potosi, WI

Label info:
"All profits to charity"

5.0% alc/vol

I enjoyed this beer on 11/11/14 and gave it a Yes Yes rating.

Dirty Bastard
Scotch Style Ale
Founders Brewing Company
Grand Rapids, MI

I rated this beer--So So on the day I drank it, 11/12/14. 

Traditional Wheat
Hacker-Pschorr Brewing Company
Munich, Germany

Label info:
Brewed according to the German law of purity of 1516

5.5% alc/vol

I enjoyed Weisse on 11/13/14 and I gave it a Yes Yes rating.

Amber Alt
Alt Bier
Port Huron Brewing Company LLC
Wisconsin Dells, WI

Label info:
"Built to the standards of German tradition, our Alt Bier is painstakingly engineered to provide remarkable flavor. The meticulous blending of specialty malts yields a striking combination of sweet & bracing elements with a clean, balanced taste."

"Enjoy by 1.24.2015"

I was happy to see an "enjoy by" date and happier yet that the date is far in the future. I rarely see any dates at all on beer bottles. I had this beer on 11/13/14 and gave it a So So rating.

Schlafly Golden Ale
Belgian Style
Special Release
The Saint Louis Brewery, LLC
St. Louis, Missouri

Label info:
"A Special Release, Belgian-Style Golden Ale is available for a limited time, with a new style every few months. Schlafly Belgian-Style Golden Ale opens with a fruity nose and rounded sweetness that composes a pale and balanced beer."

 "Bottled with love on 05/05/2014"

"A votre sante. -French toast"

"Op uw gezondheid. -Flemish toast"

On 11/14/14, I gave this ale a Yes Yes rating.

Seasonal Series
Saint Francis Brewing Co.
St. Francis, WI

On 11/15/14, I gave Gluttony a Yes Yes rating.

Black O' Lantern
Pumpkin Stout
Utah Brewers Cooperative
Salt Lake City, Utah

Label info:
Brewed with pumpkin and spices

6.5% alc/vol

I gave Black O' Lantern a Yes Yes rating today, 11/16/14.


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