Friday, December 5, 2014

Beer Journal #35: Ichabod, Porter, Centennial IPA, KCCO, Vicious & More

Date enjoyed: 11/30/14
My rating: So So
(Extra Special Bitter Ale)
Short's Brewing Company
Elk Rapids, MI

The label tells me:
"The lore of the season captured in Ale.
"Handmade by people who care."

The alcohol content and IBUs aren't listed.

I like the colorful label with the autumn leaves swirling across the blue waters.

Date enjoyed: 12/1/14
My rating: Yes Yes
(American IPA)
Frankenmuth Brewing Co.
Frankenmuth, MI

The label tells me:
"Award-winning, medium-bodied IPA highlighted by intense aroma of fine American hops and assertive flavors of citrus, floral and pine."

6.9% alc/vol.
IBU: 69

I appreciate the stars and stripes.

I drank this bottle of beer on 12/2/14.
I bestowed on it a Yes Yes rating.
Look out, it's VICIOUS, an American Wheat IPA.
It's brewed by North Peak Brewing Co,
Dexter, MI.

The label states "Est. 1997 - Traverse City, Michigan."
(I'm confused. Dexter, MI or Traverse City gets credit?)

"Brewed Up North"

The alcohol content is 6.7% by volume.

I gather that the wolf/man is what gave this IPA its name. Do you think?

I relaxed with this beer on 12/2/14
and gave it a Yes Yes rating.
KCCO is a black lager
brewed by Redhook Ale Brewery
in Woodinville, WA-Portsmouth, NH-Portland, OR

My label findings include these words: "Resignation Brewery + Redhook"
"A Resignation recipe brewed in collaboration with Redhook."
"Resign from the routine."

The alcohol content of KCCO is 5.1% alc by vol.
IBU 22

In the lower right corner of the label I see
07:23 3
JUL 30 14

I'm not sure what type of bird that is on the label but he's stepping out!

I had this beer on 12/3/14
and gave it a Yes Yes rating. My tolerance is growing by leaps and bounds.
CENTENNIAL IPA  is brewed by
Founders Brewing Company in
Grand Rapids, MI.

Upon further inspection of the label, I see this beer is "Unfiltered and Dry Hopped."

This IPA is 7.2% alcohol by volume and
65 IBUs

The colorful picture on the label shows the name CENTENNIAL being held high by a male and a female figure. 

I loosened up for a Christmas Party with this beer before leaving home on 12/4/14.
I easily gave ICHABOD a Yes Yes Plus rating; that's a rarity.
This "Pumpkin Ale"  is brewed by New Holland Brewing in
Holland, MI.

Examining the label closely, I found that "Real pumpkin, cinnamon and nutmeg enrich this amber brew. Pairings: roasted poultry, root vegetables, peanut sauce and caraway."
"12.5 Plato, Alc. 5.2% by Vol."

I have to mention that I love the headless rider atop the horse, toting a pumpkin that's a creative touch.

Today, 12/5/14, I relaxed with
PORTER by Bell's Brewery, Inc.,
Comstock, MI.
Even though this is a very dark beer, I gave it a Yes Yes rating.

The small print around the back of the bottle says "A robust porter brewed from a tasty blend of dark malts with a rich, roasted flavor. Enjoy it anytime, like now for instance."

This beer is 5.6% alcohol by volume.

"13611 PKGD
10/29/14 A"

I would have thought Bell's Brewery could have come up with a more creative name for this porter, than PORTER. Oh well, I do appreciate the fellow toting the hops and barley on the front of the label.

I'd like to thank my brothers, Tom and Carl, for bringing me these beers when they came from Michigan for Thanksgiving.


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