Friday, December 26, 2014

Beer Journal #39: World-Wide Stout, Leffe, Bigfoot Ale, Jingle Java, Hop Whore, Maximus IPA Ale by Lagunitas Brewing Co. & More

India Pale Ale
Lakefront Brewery, Inc.
Milwaukee, WI

On 12/26/14, I ordered this ale at The Cheesecake Factory in Milwaukee during lunch with Lon and Jared.

6.6% AlC./VOL.

The label tells me about IPA: "Brewed in Milwaukee for people who like beer."

I was so happy to find a beer on the menu that I hadn't enjoyed ever before. I bestowed a Yes Yes rating on IPA by Lakefront Brewery.

India Pale Ale
Avery Brewing Co.
Boulder, CO

I popped the cap off this beer and poured it into my TEKU glass on 12/21/14.

Upon sipping this IPA, I gave it a Yes Yes rating.

6.5% ALC/VOL

Avery Brewing Co. was established in 1993.

I found this jewel on the label:


IPA Maximus Ale
Lagunitas Brewing Co.
Petaluma, CA

I drank two beers on 12/21/14. Maximus was my second.

The label that's wrapped around this bottle is loaded with entertainment and product information, including:

O.G. 1.080, Alc. 8.2% By Vol, I.B.U. 72.41

"If some is good; More is better. Instant gratification is not fast enough. 42 IBU? Why not 72! The end is near. Don't sip. A trillion What$? Imelda's Shoes. Dow @ 7392? Just buy a Senate seat?! Tats. Nipple Piercing. Cutters, Burners & Hummers. A cold MAXIMUS just makes sense! Cheers!"

And, as always,
"Life is Uncertain. Don't Sip."

P.S. There's no extra charge for the entertainment on the label. Whooo!

Southern Cape
Sparkling Ale
Summit Brewing Co.
St. Paul, MN

My one and only beer on 12/22/14 was a Yes Yes beer.

This craft beer is a limited edition.

On the label:

Color: Pale Straw
4.4% ALC. BY VOL.
OG: 10.5P
IBU: 47

"Gairdner Pale Malt- Australia
Waimea Hops-New Zealand
Sebastian Caramel Malt-Chile
Southern Passion Hops-S. Africa

Hop Whore
Imperial IPA
Brewers Gone Wild! Series
A Series of Big, Bold, Ballsy Beers
Tyranena Brewing Co. LLC.

I downed this beer on 12/23/14 and gave it a Yes Yes rating.

The label includes these "Notes:"

"Overpowering perfume, dripping with luscious hop flavor. And, on what a body. You're in for one helluva experience!"

Around the back of the bottle label is a cartton drawing of a bearded fellow with a mug in his hand and he's saying "Shall we?"

What can I say? I was entertained while I drank.

Jingle Java
Holiday Stout
Bent River Brewing Company
Rock Island, IL

I uncapped this beer on 12/24/14. It seemed appropriate.

This is an oatmeal stout with coffee added.

Alc. 6.5% by Vol., IBU 28.8

The label tells me:

"This coffee stout is enhanced by adding vanilla, caramel, pecan, cinnamon and rum, giving it a flavor that is perfect for enjoying during the holiday season. The 'River Stuff' of Bent River Brewing Company are stubbornly dedicated to producing quality handcrafted beers that capture the true spirit of brewing."

Upon examining the picture on the label, I see that Santa is hesitant to show his face. I see his red-coated arm and his beer but he doesn't want to be recognized. I say "smart move" Santa.

Barleywine Style Ale
Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.
Chico, CA

This was my beer on 12/14/14. I rated it Yes Yes.

The label isn't extremely entertaining. I did find:
Purest Ingredients. Finest Quality.

On second look, the label does have a picture of Bigfoot lurking in the trees while a fellow and his horse examine his footprints.

I'm shaking in my boots.

My bad. There is more to report. the label gives a packaged date of 12/10/13 and the following:

"Bigfoot is a beast of a beer, brimming with flavor from massive amounts of roasted malt and spicy hops and brewed in the barleywine style, with a rich, bittersweet body and whole-cone Pacific Northwest hops."

Leffe (not to be confused with Lefse)
Belgian Ale
Abbey Ale
Product of Belgium
Imported by Import Brands Alliance
St. Louis, MO

I indulged in Leffe on Christmas Day of 2014.

I, of course. gave it a Yes Yes rating.

The label holds this info:

"Savor the Mystery of the Ages. Award-winning Leffe Blonde is a full-bodied deep golden ale that is surprisingly subtle and delicate. Belgium's classic abbey ale is best served in its own chalice-shaped glass, accentuating the ale's aroma and creating the perfect head."

ANNO 1240 

World Wide Stout
Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, Inc.
Milton, DE

I confronted and took upon this brew on 12/26/14. It is one very STRONG beer.

I'm still sipping it, two hours after I first popped the cap!

The label front boasts:

"A very dark beer brewed with a ridiculous amount of barley."

So there.



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