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Beer Journal #66: Genesis, Rocky Mountain IPA, Red Banshee, Jazz, Grateful Red & More

Grateful Red
Capital Brewery
Middleton, WI

Label info:
5.3% ALC./VOL.
"While the fiery red hue may deceive you of its inherent hoppiness, the play of toasty malt flavors with sharp, resiny hops will bring you to the strangest of places, if you're drinkin' it right."

Nude Beach
Summer Wheat
Stevens Point Brewery
Stevens Point, WI

Label disclosures:
Ale with natural flavor added
Brewing excellence since 1857
Point * Well Made  

Goose IPA
Goose Island Beer Co.
Chicago, IL * Baldwinsville, NY * Fort Collins, CO

Label stats:
5.9% ALC/VOL
55 IBU Rating
"Bright citrus aromas * BOLD HOP FINISH
Winner of six Great American Beer Festival Medals. Category: English Style IPA-2012: Gold, 2009: Silver, 2007: Silver, 2004: Silver, 2002: Bronze, 2000: Gold
Hops grown for Goose Island at Elk Mountain Farms
Contains: Wheat
This beer will remain brewery fresh for 180 days after the bottled on date: 13FEB15
Est. 1988" 

Raspberry Ale
Ale with raspberries added
Dark Horse Brewing Company
Marshall, MI

Label offerings:
Alc. 5.0% by Vol.

Amber Light Beer
Dixie Brewing Company, Inc.
New Orleans, LA
Joseph Huber Brewing Company, Monroe, WI

Label stats:
4.13% ALC./VOL.
"Average analysis: Calories 92, Carbohydrates 2.8G, Protein 0.9G, Fat 0.0G per 12 fl. oz serving
At only 92 calories, this award-winning beer retains the taste and character of full-bodied lager but with a New Orleans touch, making it a truly unique light amber beer.
The century-old Dixie Brewery was almost destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, but restoration is underway. With the help of our friends, we're working hard to re-beer New Orleans and the rest of the country."

Schlafly ESB
Extra Special Bitter
The Saint Louis Brewery, LLC
St. Louis, MO

Label facts:
5.8% ALC./VOL.
30 IBU
"For best flavor, keep refrigerated.
Bottled with love on 11/03/2014.
The combination of malts and hops creates a toasty, fruity flavor. Available seasonally.
Schlafly ESB may have the word 'bitter' in its name, but the key to this style is balance."

Traverse City Cherry Wheat
Malt Beverage Brewed with Cherry Concentrate
Atwater Brewery
Detroit, MI

Label info:
Alc. 4.5% by Vol.
"Brewed in Detroit.
Beer is good. Enjoy responsibly.
Bottled on March 15."
White IPA
Lost Coast Brewery
Eureka, CA

Label talk:
"India Pale Ale, Beer brewed with Natural flavors.
Our Great White taken to the next level by dry hopping it with Cascade, Crystal, Chinook and Citra hops.
Drink it all, we'll make more."

Blonde Bomber
American Blonde Ale
The Veteran Beer Company
Cold Spring, MN

Label exam results:
ALC. 5.0% BY VOL.
Made in the USA
"Drink responsibly. We do."

Tangerine Wheat Beer
Lost Coast Brewery & Cafe
Eureka, CA

Label info:
Alcohol by volume 5.5%
617 4th Street, Eureka, CA
"Beer with natural flavor added
A crisp citrus beer with a hint of tangerine.

Van de Velde
Belgo-Pale Ale
Ale Syndicate Brewers
Breese, IL

Label talk:
ALC. 6.4% BY VOL.
IBU 26 * OG 1.061* 15 degrees Plato
Best served at 46 F
"We love two things: our city, and good beer. Chicago isn't gentle. It's got audacity, grit, and grace. At Ale Syndicate Brewers, we make craft beer that's distinctly Chicago. We are dedicated to strong flavors, pure ingredients, and the power of coming together around something that we all love.
Van de Velde Belgo-Pale Ale blends the subtly spicy and fruity flavors of Belgian yeast with a smooth, slightly sweet malt character. Add in the bold, bitter profile of American hops and you've got a complex, ambitious but still approachable brew - not unlike the early Belgian-Chicagoans of Logan Square who inspired its name.
Hey Chicagoans, please recycle.
Bottles are good; glasses are better. Enjoy this beer in a 16 oz. US tumbler."

Down 'N Dirty
Chocolate Oatmeal Stout
Tyranena Brewing Company
Lake Mills, WI

The label boasts:
Stout brewed with cocoa nibs
"When the railroad was completed between Madison and Milwaukee in 1882, mucky soils in the glacial swamp near Lake Mills made the tracks most unsteady. A bridge-tender stood guard, 24 hours-a-day, to warn oncoming trains of the danger ahead and caution them to slow their pace. One engineer chose not to heed this warning and the locomotive lost control and tumbled off the bridge into the mud below. The train is said to be forever entombed deep in the muck along the present day Glacial Drumlin trail. We brew Down'n Dirty Chocolate Oatmeal stout thick and black like the glacial muck."

Red Banshee
Red Banshee Ale
The Fort Collins Brewery
Fort Collins, CO

Label stats:
"A striking ruby hue and spicy floral nose punctuate the pleasant sweetness of this brew. Crystal malt coalesces with the earthy flavor of Willamette hops. A hauntingly beautiful combination."

Rocky Mountain IPA
The Fort Collins Brewery
Fort Collins, Co

Label info:
"Massive floral aroma lures you in while hop bitterness and malty sweetness mingle in symmetry. After all, great balance is Key when you are standing on three legs."

Dry Hopped Session Ale
Shmaltz Brewing Company
Saratoga Springs, NY

Label stuff:
5.5% Alc. by Vol.
"L'Chaim! To Life!
The Chosen Beer
Malts: Specialty 2-Row, Munich, CaraMunich 40, Wheat, Dark Crystal
Hops: Warrior, Centennial, Cascade
Dry Hop: Centennial, Cascade, Simcoe
KSA Kosher Certified,
 Rabbi Approved

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