Saturday, May 9, 2015

Beer Journal #65 : Gnarly Oak Winter Bock, Hayseed, Cane and Ebel, Hop Sun, Sawtooth Ale & More

Gnarly Oak Winter Bock
Monroe Brewing Company
Monroe, WI

Label offerings:
5.5% ALC./VOL.
Premium Beer
"A classic lager made in the traditional German style. It has a malty sweetness, a dark rich color and is lightly hopped. Made with select caramel and black roasted barley and a combination of Columbus, Zeus and Cascade hops.
15 OB, 62.5 RDF, 34 Color and 25 IBU.
Pairs well with rich roasty food like duck or roasted pork shank; also great with cured meats. Serve as a dessert beer with German chocolate cake or a dried fruit tart."
Smuttynose Brewing Company
Hampton, NH

Label stats:
"Come visit our brewery and restaurant at Towle Farm in Hampton, New Hampshire. And check us out online at for events, releases and great Smerchandise in our e-store. As always, thanks for saying:
Make mine a Smutty!" 

Cane and Ebel
Red Rye Ale
Two Brothers Artisan Brewing
Warrenville, IL

Label info:
ABV 7.0%       IBU 68

"Dry, but with a creamy touch of Thai palm sugar and the spicy tang of rye, all balanced by loads of the wackiest new hops we could lay our hands on. Yep, it's an original. And that's no sin."

Continental Lager
Church Street Brewing Company
Itasca, IL

Label accolades:
ALC. 5.3% BY VOL.      IBU 39
"Righteously Good Beer!
Smooth and drinkable, yet malty and complex, with a noble hop punch, our Continental Lager marries four German malts with three German hop varieties to create our ultimate pilsner. A great beer to kick back with anytime. Enjoy!"

Product of Belgium

Label stuff:
7.0% ALC./VOL.
Viven 1999
The art of Belgian brewing

Seasonal Summer Wheat Beer
Southern Tier Brewing Company
Lakewood, NY

Label wisdom:
ALC. 5.1% BY VOL.
"Brewed with 1 variety of hops and 3 types of malts" 

White Beer
Two Brothers Artisan Brewing
Warrenville, IL

The label reveals:
ABV 4.5%     IBU 14
"Monarch White Beer celebrates the anniversary of Jim and Jason's first brew. This classic Belgian-style white beer is brewed with unmalted wheat, a touch of oats, and then traditionally spiced with coriander and orange peel for a crisp, refreshing taste and spicy aroma."
Best by: 07/10/15

Amber Ale
Left Hand Brewing Company
Longmont, CO

Label goods:
ALC. 5.3% BY VOL.
"Brewed on the banks of the mighty St. Vrain. This amber ale is the perfect balance between malt and hops. A great session beer.
Enjoy at: 50 degrees F in a pub glass.
Ingredients: Rocky Mountain water, malted barley, malted wheat, hops and yeast."

Magners Irish Cider
Wm Magner Ltd
Clonmel, Ireland

Label findings:
4.5% alc/vol
Since 1935
"Created by William Magner in 1935, Magners Original Irish Cider is an authentic premium cider made in Ireland.
A blend of seventeen varieties of apples creates the unique, distinctive and refreshing taste."
Nutrition Facts: Calories 150, Sodium 35mg, Total Carb 14g, Sugars 12g

Blonde Bock
Summit Brewing Company
St. Paul, MN

Goodies on the label:
ALC. 6.7% BY VOL.
Ingredients: Water, barley malt, hops & yeast

The number 50340736 is in small print at the top edge of the label. (Probably not intended for my eyes) 

Cranberry Special Ale
Made with Real Wisconsin Cranberry Juice
Sand Creek Brewing Company
Black River Falls, WI

The label doesn't tell me the alcohol content or anything else about this cranberry ale.

Mai Bock
High Gravity Lager
Atwater Brewery
Detroit, MI

Label information:
Alc. 7.5% by Vol.
Bottled in February 2015
"Brewed to welcome the spring season!"

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