Saturday, May 30, 2015

Birds On A Rainy Day

I noticed these two birds eyeing our birdfeeders but choosing to stay dry on the birdhouse that's positioned nearby under our screen porch overhang.

I feel like putting my head down too for a rainy day nap.

The next time I looked out, there were three birds seeking dry shelter. This female house finch is hiding her head in her feathers. I didn't realize birds feel much like we do after too many days of rain.

Another look out the window and I counted five birds on the birdhouse. Two are on the lower platform. 

I can just hear this bird calling to his partner: Get back over here, right now. You'll catch your death of pneumonia out there eating in the rain and cold.

I bet they're plotting: Let's pretend we don't care and maybe the rain will go away.

Finally, they just close their eyes and wait with the rest of us for Mother Nature to do her thing.

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Cap Chastain said...

Shaddy I was positive I left you a comment on this Post. Oh well .. I will leave you one now. It is a really sweet Post .. the birds and the rain. Sweet .. that is the word .. Sweet .. Smiles ..