Sunday, May 24, 2015

Galumphing With 3 Random Words: Crumbs, Landscaper and Roller Coaster

I took three words, crumbs, landscaper and roller coaster and had fun creating this mini-story:
Kevin pushed up his sleeves and tipped his head back. He shuddered at the roller coaster that towered beside him and his stomach sank. His landscaping job kept his feet firmly on the ground where he liked them.

Kevin dug his shovel into the newly-tilled soil. A dozen small shrubs waited behind him, destined to be in a line along the roller coaster entrance. He glanced at the potted shrubs and noticed movement by the tracks. Jeff, the park mechanic, waved and stepped into one of the coaster cars. He's early today, Kevin mused. Jeff was responsible for the system of trial runs required for all rides prior to opening day. Better you than me, Kevin thought.

A half hour passed. Six shrubs in, six to go. The roar of the roller coaster made Kevin uneasy and he worked faster. The noise heightened when Jeff rounded a curve in the tracks close to Kevin. He was sitting back, eating a sandwich, totally relaxed. Bread crumbs pelted Kevin's face. "Thanks, Jeff. I needed that," Kevin hollered. Words were useless. The empty cars clanged and rattled, metal on metal. He finished with the shrubs in autopilot mode with payback plans foremost in his mind. Perhaps, Jeff unknowingly showered him with lunch residue. It didn't matter. Kevin had all the motivation he needed to have some fun at Jeff's expense. 

What were friends for, anyway?


(In Beginning Writer's Workshop, an online class by Ed2go, I was introduced to this mini-story technique. I have fun with it. Just pick three random words and build a story around them. It's a good exercise for the imagination).     


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Cap Chastain said...

Too funny Shaddy. You did a nice job with it I must say. I still have your rainy day birds in my mind. Birds .. Landscaper .. Roller Coaster .. That would be easy .. Smiles Shaddy ..