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Beer Journal #71: Lac du Bay, Sharpshooter, Inaugural Red, Bare Bottom Madness, Zenith, Commodore Perry & More

Lac du Bay
English Style India Pale Ale
Central Waters Brewing Co.
Amherst, WI

Label narrative:
Here just short of the 45th parallel marking the midway point between the North Pole and equator, we experience the full-on splendor of all four seasons. To each we raise a bottle of our seasonal series and give thanks we didn't build our brewery anyplace else.
Ale, Sun, Earth and Sky

Oatmeal Stout
Gray's Brewing Co.
Janesville, WI

The label speaks:
Big. Black. Bold.
In 1856, Joshua Gray established our family beverage business here in Janesville, Wisconsin. For over five generations now, we have been producing the finest handcrafted beers, ales and soft drinks in our quaint brewery and bottling facility. Gray's Brewing Company is proud to be one of America's oldest family owned beverage companies.
Germany's Black Lager Beer
Kostritzer Brewery
Bad Kostritz

From the label in German:
Gebraut Nach Dem Deutschen Reinheitsgebot
Seit 1543

Newcastle British Pale Ale
Collaboration Edition
Caledonian Brewery Company Limited
United Kingdom

The label says:
ALC. 5.8% BY VOL.
British Brewing Since 1869
Pale Ales date back to the 18th Century in England. They were lighter in colour than other beers of the time and commonly referred to as 'Bitters'. The Caledonian brewery has mastered the art of brewing Bitters since 1869. This brew continues the tradition with a golden amber colour, sweet citric hop aroma, classic British woody spice and rounded herbal bitterness.

Imported by Newcastle Importers, White Plains, NY

Session Wheat IPA
An Ale with Orange Peel
Great Lakes Brewing Co.
Cleveland, OH

Label stats:
4.8% ALC by VOL.
40 IBU
Inspired by Ohio's "little sure shot" Annie Oakley, our Session Wheat IPA is peppered with rounds of whole orange peel and fully loaded with Jarrylo hops.
For freshest taste, please enjoy by: 11/28/15

Vanilla Porter
Ale brewed with real vanilla beans
Breckenridge Brewery
471 Kalamath St.
Denver, CO

Label info:
    Seldom Seen * Never Duplicated
Remarkable * Partakable
Fine Colorado Ales

Extra Special Bitter Ale
Rotating Seasonal Release
Alaskan Brewing Co.
Juneau, AK

Label info:
B 031514

Brauerei Beck & Co.
St. Louis, MO

Label disclosures:
Product of USA
Originated in Bremen, Germany

Inaugural Red
Campus Craft Brewery
Wisconsin Brewing Co.
Verona, WI

Label stuff:
ALC 5.0% BY VOL.
WBC   015 

Wisconsin Brewing Co.
Verona, WI

Label facts:
Spiced Ale
WBC    007

Munich, Germany

Label facts:
7.6% ALC./VOL.
Since 1397

Apple Ale
New Glarus Brewing Company
New Glarus, WI

The label reports:
"Some people paint, some sing, others write...I brew."-Daniel Carey
Apple Ale sings with the fresh crisp taste of Wisconsin apples. Our Brewmaster begins with a brown ale base employing Wisconsin farmed barley and a blend of apple varieties grown in Door County. Our apple growing friends squeeze them especially for this brew. Expect this ale to pour a beautiful copper color. The fresh bouquet of apple will rise to meet you even before the glass touches your lips. So be sure to sip slowly and enjoy the bruits of a Wisconsin harvest.
Vielen Dank!
Daniel & Deborah Carey

New Glarus Brewing Co.

Bare Bottom Madness
Pale Ale
Door County Brewing Company
Black River Falls, WI & Bailey's Harbor, WI

Label offerings:
5.2% ALC. BY VOL.
Door County Brewing Company
A Grand Discovery of Liquid Luxury

My input:
I contacted the brewery with my question of why a sheep was on this beer label. This is the response I promptly received:
In the early 1900s there was a sheep farmer in the town of Sevastopol named Mr. Templeton. New to his profession, he often needed the townspeople’s guidance on herding 
his flock. One particular occasion, searching for salt to lure the sheep in, the town stumbled upon what they thought to be three barrels of salt. Templeton pried the barrels open, which to everyone’s surprise, was a liquid. He smelled it.
It smelled like beer. He tasted it. It tasted like beer.
He concluded, “it is beer!” Thrilled at their grand discovery
of liquid luxury, Sevastopol celebrated with haste, forgot the sheep and reached the bottom of the barrels quite quickly.
With barrels dry and sheep amuck the town danced themselves into and unforgettable bare bottom madness. A madness that celebrates the unexpected, our pale ale is brewed with notes of grapefruit, citrus, pine and a touch of caramel malt for sweetness. Bare Bottom Madness rejoices in the flavors of Door County you’re so happy to find, you can’t bare the thought of the bottom."

Gotta love that story!  

Big Swede
Swedish Style Imperial Stout
Valkyrie Brewing Co.
Dallas, WI

Label facts:
Unpasteurized, Keep Cool!

Commodore Perry
India Pale Ale
Great Lakes Brewing Co.
Cleveland, OH

Label info:
7.7% ALC by VOL
70 IBU
What's this? A British-style IPA named after the man who defeated His Majesty's Royal Navy in the War of 1812? Consider this a bold, hoppy (and mildly ironic) plunder of war.
For freshest taste, please enjoy by:

Cinnful Apple
Hard Cider
Angry Orchard Cider Company, LLC
Cincinnati, OH and Breingsville, PA

Label stuff:
Naturally gluten free
Ingredients: Hard cider, natural flavors, carbon dioxide, malic acid and sulfites to preserve freshness.
Our Cinnful Apple cider is crisp and refreshing with a spicy twist. The sweet, slightly tart apple flavor is balanced with cinnamon spice, adding a slight heat for a flavor that is truly Cinnful.

Kolsch-Style Ale
Alaskan Brewing Co.
Juneau, AK

Label info:

Gold Lager
Redhook Ale Brewery
Woodinville, WA * Portsmouth, NH * Portland, OR * Memphis, TN

Label offerings:
5.0% ALC. BY VOL.
IBU 16
Resignation Brewery.
A clean and crisp lager with notes of honey and biscuit. The grain bill adds a beautiful gold hue and full flavor. The Gold Lager proves pilsner style lagers can be full flavored.
Resign from the Routine
10:56 3
FEB 02 15

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Shaddy these posts are works of art. In the State of Michigan .. the famous 45th Parallel passes between Grayling and Gaylord Michigan .. Driving Interstate 75 you always pass a marker for it. So to read you are also close to it struck a bell with me .. Cheerio .. Cap in Hong Kong ..