Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Our Favorite Hangout

We placed this hanging basket in our new plant stand. I love the colors and variety of shapes of these flowers. This sight is on the deck outside our kitchen.

On this same deck, our phlox has lost its blossoms so we dressed up the remaining green foliage by moving our watering can of pansies to the center of the barrel.

We enjoy the beauty of these purple pansies in contrast with the red watering can.
I took this photo at the wrong time of day. The lighting makes the petals look a light color when actually they're a beautiful deep coral shade.
The sound of the water in our urn waterfall is pleasant as background music.

Instead of our normal practice of planting impatiens in this barrel, we opted for these petunias this year. As you can see, they're very happy in this corner of our backyard.

I landscaped what used to be a sandbox with perennials this year. They get a lot of shade under the "fort" but seem to be thriving well so far. I tried to select plants that were designated as preferring "partial sun." 

Our beautiful pin oak has these petunias and spikes at its feet. If the rabbits don't finish them off, we'll enjoy these from our screen porch.

Our latest addition to our yard is this post adorned with four baskets of petunias and topped off with a solar light. Our neighbors complimented us; that's a good thing since they can see it from their home.

As you've noticed, we selected several petunia plants this year.

Our collection of wildflowers is doing splendidly.

Just look at these gorgeous Colombine flowers.

The wild geraniums are a sight to enjoy as well.

The debris from our shrubs and trees is threatening to bury this barrel of petunias and salvia.

This flower called me back for a close up shot.

These arborvitae are doing an excellent job of providing us some privacy along the north side of our front yard.

Our hydrangeas under our front window haven't flowered for years. I've watered them with a product that hopefully will get them going.

These droopy pansies were on our front porch where they got very little sun. We moved them next to our front yard light where their exposure to sunlight will be much better. 

Our Crimson King maple has the company of these petunias, geraniums and spikes.

We replaced our depressed St. John's Wort plant with this hydrangea. I hope our older hydrangeas will follow this fellow's fine example.  

Woe is me. I've forgotten the name of this plant. 

I haven't forgotten how cute its blossoms are.

The plant in the foreground with the four shoots is milkweed. We bought this at the bird fest last spring. We're impressed with the height its reached already this year.

We planted three milkweed plants last spring and thought only one survived the winter. Wrong!!! This little fellow surprised us a few days ago by popping his head up among the bark chips. Yay!

Jared's neighbor gave us this bulb. When I planted it, it had a few stubby shoots. Within the last few days, it has grown a lot. I don't remember what kind of plant this will be so I'll be watching it closely.

This is a view of our deck where we sit until it gets too warm. When that happens, we walk a few steps and are blessed with shade on the screen porch.

Our coneflowers are filling out. It'll be a real treat when the flowers develop and present themselves. 

This is what we see when we look across the backyard toward our little shed. 

In this view, we're looking from the deck to the left side of our backyard.

As you've probably noticed over time, I favor close up photos. The true beauty can only be appreciated when your nose is right in their faces. 


Cap Chastain said...

Shaddy you out-did yourself with this Post. I must tell Patti to be sure to view it. Patti loves flowers and one thing Patti has missed the past few summers was planting her hanging and standing baskets on the porch of the condo in Anchorage. This is a must-see Post for Patti for sure. What a joy to look at your flowers. Smiles and Joy .. Cap and Patti who I hope comments later ..

Anonymous said...

Hi Shaddy ... THANK YOU for the tour through your lovely yard, front and back, and for introducing us to your many and varied flowers. Cap is right, I LOVE to do flowers and the past three summers we have been gone for parts of each summer ... no use planting them just to let them die of thirst! So, this year I have my flower boxes and baskets all planted and have been really enjoying them already. Thanks again for your tour! Hugs. Patti

Cheryl aka Shaddy said...

Thanks Cap and Patti for your kind words. I'd be lost without my yard and flowers to tend to during the spring, summer and fall months.