Friday, September 18, 2015

Beer Journal #83: Galactic Heroes, Campside, Green 19, Acme & More

California Pale Ale
North Coast Brewing Co., Inc.
Fort Bragg, CA

Label info:
No ABV info
12 FL. OZ.
World Beer Championships
"One of the ten best breweries in the world."--Beverage Testing Institute
This classically-styled pale ale revives the name of one of the early icons of California brewing. Clean-tasting and pleasantly malty, Acme Pale is brewed with Yakima Valley hops, American two-row malt, and British specialty malts for depth.
Green 19
India Pale Ale
Titletown Brewing Co.
Green Bay, WI

Label stats:
No ABV info
12 FL. OZ.
Legendary Place. Legendary Taste.
From the Brewmaster: This hop-forward ale showcases a complex bland of citrus-like American hop varieties, their bitterness well-balanced by complex malt for exceptional drinkability.
Use clean glassware for the best tasting experience.
7-10 degrees C/45-50 degrees F
Best consumed by: 10  14  15 

Session IPA
Upland Brewing Co., Inc.
Bloomington, IN

Label small print:
50 IBU
12 fl. oz.
Best enjoyed by: OCT 15
Brewed To Leave No Trace

Dundee India Pale Ale
Dundee Brewing Co.
Rochester, NY

Label fine print:
No ABV info
12 FL. OZ. (355 ML)
Bold and Bitter

Columbus IPA
India Pale Ale
Columbus Brewing Co.
Columbus, OH

Label stuff:
No ABV info
12 FL. OZ.
Est 1988
Unfiltered to preserve the distinctive hop aroma, this IPA pours a hazy pale orange. Our unique balance of malt and hops will please even the most discriminating hophead.
Eric Bean, Brewmaster
This special beer is not pasteurized. Keep refrigerated until serving. 

Galactic Heroes
West Coast IPA
Homestead Beer Co.
Heath, OH

Label info:
7.2% ABV
12 FL. OZ.
Brewed proudly in Licking County


Cap Chastain said...

Beer Journal #86 .. WOW .. Will you make one hundred .. I never cease to be amazed at the work I see in the individual photos .. wonderful .. Smiles ..

Will you and Lon have a cold-one watching THE PACK play the Seahawks .. More Smiles .. Cap ..

Cheryl aka Shaddy said...

I'm shooting for 100, Cap. We did have a cold one while the Packers were working their way to their second victory this season. It was kind of a messy game.

Thanks for checking things out here.