Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Beer Journal #86: Out of Your Gourd Pumpkin Porter, Single-Wide IPA, Hop for Teacher Pale Ale, Preacher's Daughter Amber, Painted Ladies & More

Out of Your Gourd
Pumpkin Porter
RedHook Brewery
Woodinville, WA * Portsmouth, NH * Portland, OR

Label small print:
12 FL. OZ.
Est. 1981 Seattle
Bottled on: Aug 07 15
Seasonal Series
A dark ale brewed with pumpkin, spices and maple syrup.
Sticky Toffee Pudding Ale
Wells & Young's Brewing Co.
Bedford, United Kingdom
Imported by
Belukus Marketing, Inc.
College Station, TX

Label info:
ALC. BY VOL. 5.0%
330ml/11.2 US fl.oz.
"Sticky Toffee Pudding Ale" Ale with natural flavor and caramel colour added.
Full of rich sticky toffee-ness * Based on the Great British pudding

Goose Autumn Ale
Goose Island Beer Co.
Chicago, IL * Baldwinsville, NY * Fort Collins, CO

Label inclusions:
6.7% ALC./VOL.
12 FL. OZ.    355 ml    65 IBU rating
Airy pine aromas * Spicy hop flavors & dry finish
Pouring the color of autumn leaves, our red ale opens with pine aromas and its spicy flavors & dry finish warm with every sip.
Hops grown for Goose Island at Elk Mountain Farms.
Contains: Wheat
This beer will remain brewery fresh for 180 days after the bottled on date: 21JUL15

Painted Ladies
Pumpkin Spice Ale
Tyranena Brewing Co.
Lake Mills, WI

Label fine print:
12 Fl. Ounces
The Painted Ladies Annual Fling celebrates the renaissance of downtown Lake Mills. Although named for the restoration of the many Victorian storefronts, some of the more adventurous women-folk added a playful twist and dressed as, well, painted ladies. Inspired by these bold and spicy women, we brewed Painted Ladies, a pumpkin and spice-infused amber ale. this fall, make sure you enjoy a fling with a few Painted Ladies! 

Preacher's Daughter
Fountain Square Brewing Company
Indianapolis, IN

Label info:
12 FL. OZ.   Serve at 37 degrees
An American amber ale with hints of citrusy hops that are well balanced by layers of caramel and biscuit malts for a slightly sweet and nutty finish. Our amber ale is copper in color with a large off white head.
Bringing science to the art of brewing.

Hop for Teacher
Pale Ale
Fountain Square Brewing Company
Indianapolis, IN

Label fine print:
12 FL. OZ.   Serve at 37 degrees
For the hop heads among us, Hop for Teacher is an aggressively hopped American Pale Ale with a noticeable citrus aroma. The slightly bitter finish will keep us hop heads coming back.

Single-Wide IPA
India Pale Ale
Boulevard Brewing Co.
Kansas City, Missouri

Label info:
12 fl. oz.
Since 1989
Brewed with barley malt, wheat malt, water, hops, and yeast.

*Bottle conditioned*
In time-honored brewing tradition, we've added a small amount of yeast to this ale just before packaging to produce a secondary fermentation in the bottle. The yeast, which settles naturally to the bottom of the bottle, encourages further maturation and contributes to the ale's complex flavor.
Visit our website: boulevard.com

Cherry Wheat
Green Bay Brewing Company
Green Bay, WI

Label info:
No ABV info.
Malt beverage with cherry added.
12 FL. OZ. 

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