Sunday, September 13, 2015

Lake Vermilion Vacation September 2015

After a drizzling rain, we were blessed with the sight of this full rainbow. I don't recall ever seeing one from end to end. 

The sky and clouds are so much more visible on this huge lake than they are in most other places.

The view from the deck at the front of our cabin is spectacular.

We stayed in the cabin on Brayden's Island for the first time. We've vacationed at Spring Bay Resort previously in other cabins along the shore.

Lon's first catch was this 45 inch musky.

As always, he put it back in the lake ASAP and released it.
Lon's second big catch was a 46 inch musky.

First a rainbow, next Northern Lights, what more could we ask for?

Our luck continued. The lure and line on Lon's fishing pole accidentally dropped into the water just a few inches from the shoreline and this bass latched onto it. How crazy is that?

Jared caught this 46 inch musky.

That's one lucky musky.

This ferocious fish is mounted on the deckside of the cabin.

I fished from the island and caught this mossy twig and a snail. That's what I get for being a wimpy fisherwoman.

I borrowed one of the resort's kayaks and made a few trips around the island.

I captured a ton of loon pictures. Here are a few of them.

Guess whose feet are up?

Guess whose beer this is?

Brayden's Island is small but there were plenty of things to check out.

I captured this on the water's surface. It's amazing how the camera caught the image.

I could take pictures of the beautiful sky all day long.


Cap Chastain said...

What an exceptional post Shaddy. Rainbows .. Northern Lights .. the enormous fish Lon caught and released .. amazing. The photos of the ducks .. The Green Bay Packers beat the Chicago Bears down in Chicago .. How could your trip have possibly been better .. Some beer to go with it all .. Oh My .. With Joy .. Cap and Patti ..

There are people who would not have known they were looking at some very good Northern Lights Shaddy.

Beth said...

Your rainbow, fish and duck pictures are fantastic. Oh, and Lon, too!! But I especially love your catch of the day -- the piece of moss and a snail. Were those keepers or catch and release? Seriously, what a gorgeous lake.

Cap Chastain said...

Oh Captain My Captain .. A loon is an aquatic bird .. of the genus gavia and NOT a duck .. A loon IS the size of a large duck .. Patti and Cap .. This truth now being known does NOT change to score of the Packers vs Bears Football Game down in Chicago at Soldier's Field .. And THAT is a good thing ..

Anonymous said...

WOW ... lovely rainbow, northern lights, 46 inch musky fish, loon visitors ... what more can you ask? Glad to see you put your feet up and relaxed ... reminded me of Cap's picture of his feet as he relaxed on his bed in Mongolia. I smiled and I chuckled! Patti in Alaska