Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Door County in October of 2015

My hat is 50% alpaca and 50% acrilico and was made in Luxemburg, WI. I bought it at the art fair we attended in Sister Bay. The warmth it provided was worth every penny. 

These photos are only a tiny glimpse of Door County. I'll blame my meager assortment on the 40 degree temperatures. We had a great time, of course, regardless of the weather.

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Cap Chastain said...

What a nice post Shaddy. Magnificent .. Autumn Colors .. Lakes .. just wonderful. You did not mention IF you and Lon stopped for a tall cool beer. Maybe at 40F you did not feel like a tall cool one. Smiles .. How about a Hot Toddy .. Much Joy .. Just think soon Patti and Gullible will be here with me .. in Hong Kong and Mongolia as well ..