Friday, April 15, 2016

"The Time Garden" Coloring Book

I'm working on this page from my "time garden" coloring book.

Here it is. The pictures in this book illustrate a short story which is presented at the front of the book. Additional sentences which add to the story are included on a few pages within the book. 

A cuckoo clock plays a major part in the story. 

My friends and family praise me for my coloring projects. I've been told that I'm talented. To create these pictures and the accompanying story requires REAL talent.

I'm so thankful for all the artists who have created the many coloring books I've acquired in the past few months.

We were in a store last weekend and I paused to "just look" at their coloring books. Lon was looking over my shoulder and was impressed with this particular one. I told him I had enough books but he insisted I add this one to my collection.



Cap Chastain said...
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Cap Chastain said...

The Time Garden Coloring Book. Fascinating title. So nice Lon insisted you get the book. If you told Lon you had enough books why were you looking at more coloring books. Isn't the title to a book so important. The Time Garden Coloring Book. This just resonates with me. The fairy winding up the Cuckoo Clock. Magical. Thank You .. Cap ..

Cheryl aka Shaddy said...

I'm drawn to coloring books whether I need them or not!!