Wednesday, April 15, 2009

No More Lazy Bones

I've had a long stretch of easy days since last Thursday. I worked a few hours on Friday and a few more yesterday, otherwise, I've been lord and master of my days.

My manners of self-indulgence during those five days included staying in bed much later than 7:00, my normal rise and shine time. I really shouldn't allow myself that luxury because I always pay a price for it. Guilt looms like a thick, heavy pillow and threatens to suffocate me for my laziness. I feel the guilt pressing on me each time I peek at the clock and then scrunch back down under the covers. Most of those lazy mornings, beyond 7:00, I'm awake or at least partially, so I should get up and do something. I simply find pleasure in starting my day in the throes of ultimate relaxation. It's just that I take leisure to uncomfortable levels when the clock is still glaring at me at 9:30 and I'm still horizontal.

Eventually, guilt grabs me by the scruff of my neck and throws me off the bed. I stagger to gain my balance and head for the bathroom. I've put that trip off for longer than recommended and the immediate relief brings a smile to my face.

Getting up was the most difficult obstacle I faced during those five days. As I write this, I vow to never stay in bed past 8:00 again unless I'm sick or have a good reason. It honestly serves no honorable purpose and the accompanying guilt isn't fun to deal with.

Wish me luck with my new resolution.

(This is kind of a uninteresting post but it's something that's been on my mind. It's a short read for a change; that's probably a relief for most of you).


Sarah said...

Good luck with your vow to get up earlier! I can totally relate to this. Any sleeping past 8 and I'm in trouble for the day--laziness follows me. I wonder when that changed. There was a time when I slept 'til noon and was up all night...

Here's to a productive day today!!

Anonymous said...

I think you are too hard on yourself, Shaddy. Let go of the guilt--it's part of the chorus of negative voices from your past. Learn to trust in your body--it knows what it needs.