Thursday, April 23, 2009

Just Bugs, Nothing More

Today has gotten away from me as days often do. I like to post something here everyday, something that is at least a smidgen interesting or at least unique, just in case someone wanders in and pulls up a chair. It's nearing bedtime as I finally stumble in here this evening. I have written today. I posted a few words in the Ann Linquist Writes blog earlier. It includes a list of definitions of the word "bug" and of various forms of the word "bug" taken from the dictionary. Following the list, I wrote a paragraph or two using all the words in the list, keeping in mind their meanings.

Why, you might ask, would anyone choose to do such a thing? Actually, there is a respectable motive for my work. Ann's prompt for our latest Goofing Around session, GA-14, was something completely different (those were her words). With no further explanation, Ann presented us with one word that stood alone. That word was "bugs." That was all I needed so I took off with it. I wrote some things about bugs and submitted it. These events occurred yesterday.

Today, during a break at work, I returned to GA-14. The word "bug" was still hanging in the air. I couldn't leave it alone. That's when I made the list of bug words and their definitions, followed by the paragraphs alluded to above. Please go to the link included in my blog list if you have further interest in my project. I don't encourage it but anyone and everyone is welcome there.

It seems that I've accomplished my goal of posting at least one blog per day, today. Was it interesting or unique? What I did was: I wrote three paragraphs in explanation of why I don't have time to post to my blog today. Huh, ain't that somethin'!


I am Alive said...

Hey, i did visitAnn Linquist Writes... Quiet a wierd topic to talk about.. but still interesting....
I think I should add one more meaning of bug... For we software engineers, Bug is a cliche'.. We use this term while we eat,drink n sleep... Life seems incomplete without Bugs :) They keep us busy.. They keep us up & active..
I must say, Bugs feed us !

Sarah said...

You guys are nutty over there on ALW. I love it! I enjoyed the bug prompt writings very much. "I Am Alive" should join in over there, she's a fantastic writer too! You guys ALL make my morning coffee enjoyable. Thank you!