Friday, April 24, 2009

A Tale of Two Runs and A Bike Ride

I'm sitting here, feeling sort of drunk, although nothing with alcohol in it has passed my lips. Instead, I'm out of it on account of getting a whole bunch of fresh air and an overdose of exercise. I'm not seeking sympathy, just an eye (or two) to read my tale.

When I finished work at noon, I drove to the bank and deposited my paycheck in my checking account. The rest of the day was wide open, waiting for me to fill it with whatever I pleased. In spite of the fact that it was a very windy day and the temperature was 80 degrees, I decided to run/bike/run, in preparation for the biathlon on May 16th.

I have friends who live along the biathlon route. If I go to their house, I can train on the exact race route. The only obstacle in my plan was that I needed to carry my running shoes with me while I rode my bike to their house. The only solution I could come up with was to hang them around my neck. I found an extra shoelace in my closet and ran it through an unoccupied eyelet on each shoe. I swung the shoes around so they were resting on my back and tied the lace around my neck and under my chin. The shoes were resting on my back but their weight still pulled the shoelace tight around my neck, a bit annoying but it worked.

I warmed up with a very casual 2 mile bike ride to Keith and Sue's house. I parked my bike beside their deck in the back yard, slipped off my helmet and biking gloves, untied my running shoes from around my neck and slid them on. I was ready for the first leg of my workout.

The first part of the biathlon is a 2 mile run. I had decided ahead of time that I was going to take my time and try to enjoy myself. I accomplished this first run without a hitch, other than my incessant inner dialogue. I told myself not to even consider complaining. I poked myself in the ribs and added, you've got a bike ride after this and then you get to do this exact run all over again. So buck up, shut up and do what you came here to do.

I finished the first 2 mile run and returned to my bike. Transition steps included: running shoes off, biking shoes on, helmet on, gloves on, straddle the bike, start to pedal, click shoes into pedals and away I went. Riding seemed easy after running. The route quickly left the residential area and followed country roads. The wind was a major factor today. I had to hold on tight to my handlebar grips so the wind wouldn't make me veer off the road or into traffic. On one downhill stretch, I can usually get up to 30 mph but, going into the wind, my top speed today was 14mph. Again, I didn't push myself hard, I just kept pedaling. When I pulled in Keith's driveway, I had ridden 11 miles.

I sat on the deck, removed my biking gear and put on my Asics running shoes again. I walked back to the road for the last leg of my workout. You're almost done, I told myself. My legs felt rubbery as I began to run. That's to be expected I reminded myself. This second 2 mile run was harder than I'd anticipated. The 80 degree temperature was much warmer than I was used to and the wind was still blowing hard.

When I set a workout goal, I always do as I planned. Today, I didn't. I reached the first corner and I stopped running. I stopped running and walked. I just had to. It just happened before I could convince myself to keep running. After a couple of minutes of walking, I started to run again. I'd always feared it might be hard to get going again after walking, so I never walked. But it wasn't. The remainder of my training session was a combination of running and walking. Walking was a piece of cake and it allowed me to catch my breath. I was initially bummed out because I had to slow to a walk, but pretty soon I was okay with it. I was giving myself a break and the world still appeared to be spinning around!

As I walked up the driveway and along the side of the house, Keith came out of the garage. We visited for a few minutes about his recent vacation and then I asked him for a glass of water. I'd noticed while I was walking/running that I was feeling chilled. I hadn't brought any water with me from home because I don't normally need it. Today's warm temperature made me perspire more than usual and I'd become somewhat dehydrated. The water really hit the spot. I sipped it while we talked some more. I enjoyed the refreshing drink, our conversation and the much needed rest before I left for home.

Once more I geared up to bike and tied my shoes around my neck. I felt pretty good when I left. I took it very easy on my ride home. I parked my bike on our screen porch and went in for a shower. I drank a can of Tava: a zero calorie sparkling beverage, with Brazilian Samba Passion Fruit Lime flavors, vitamin E, niacin, vitamin B6 and chromium. I bought two four packs of Tava yesterday at the Bent and Dent grocery store just up the road from here. This was my first taste of it and I like it. So what if its freshness date expired a few months ago; it was a good buy.

Excuse me for a few minutes. It's time to partake of a carryout fish dinner (brought in by my husband).

Okay, I'm back. I'm feeling much better now than when I started to write this post. Besides the beverage and food, having good friends like you to share life's experiences with is just what I needed.

Thanks for hanging in there with me,


Walk said...

I had a good workout today also. I walked to the mailbox and back. I only had to stop once to catch my breath. I admire you and anyone who loves to push themselves physically. Kudos

Gullible said...

I went out in a cold north wind and picked up four bags of litter over a mile stretch of highway.

Anonymous said...

The rockin' chairs are really rockin'' now old gal!
Fit and fiddle Murt and Gurt... your fit and I'm fiddle.