Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Typso. Oops, I Mean Typos

The last two or three days, I've been consistently failing to capitalize the first letter of words that need it. I don't know if I'm just plain lazy or more seriously deficient. The little finger on each of my hands naps on the A and the :; key, completely ignoring their responsibility to hit the shift key when, out of respect and tradition, I attempt to appoint an upper case letter to lead the word into place. Those uncooperative, bordering on petulant, pinky fingers of mine! Posing as weak and innocent bystanders, they're insidious villains and enemies of my creative endeavors.

On any given day, I'm plagued with various, persistent typo difficulties and I've learned to accept and deal with them. My impatience is definitely a major threat to accuracy when I'm hunkered down in front of my computer. When my thoughts--in all their dazzling brilliance--come fast and furiously, I impulsively throw my hands at the keyboard and start typing wherever they land. Typically they commence typing at least a key to the right or left of the home keys, (the a, s, d, f and the j, k, l, :; keys) where all decipherable typing originates. My fingers bounce up and down without hesitation until I pause to check my work. What's this? I ask. In response, my fingers freeze up and momentarily hover paralyzed over the keys.

What I see on the monitor doesn't match my intentions. 'Oh, for crying out loud,' I scold myself. Fortunately, the resulting combinations of letters are easily demolished and rebuilt. The backspace and delete keys make up my tag team. They stand by faithfully and bail me out time and time again. They muscle at least two or three bailouts in an average length sentence.

I bet you think I'm exaggerating. I wish I was. I know I could have written a lengthy book in the accumulated time I have spent backspacing, deleting and retyping my messes. One of these days, I'll publish a sample of my unedited writing. I guarantee that it will be impressive in revealing the blatant bungling I have spoken of and valid proof of the obstacles I encounter and prevail against as I continue to write.

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Sarah said...

LOL Shaddy, I feel your pain girl...I feel your pain. Something tells me I wouldn't even notice the typos in your writing. Your way with words is nothing short of incredible.