Saturday, April 25, 2009

Why Shaddy?

When I registered for an online writing class a couple of years ago, we were asked to use a nickname when we submitted our writing to the discussion areas. The only nickname I'd ever had was one Dad gave me and used about 55 years ago. I'm not even sure why I remembered it. I would venture to say that Dad probably reminded me of it on different occasions over the years. He often told cute stories to my four brothers and I about our growing up years.

I've been told that I followed Dad around a lot when I was quite small. I would walk behind him as he watered his flowers in the yard or as he puttered around doing other outside activities. I was like a shadow, only better because I was right behind him no matter where the sun was in the sky. Instead of nicknaming me Shadow, he shortened it to Shaddy. (It's pronounced with a short a vowel sound and it rhymes with Daddy).

I never really appreciated my nickname until I adopted it again for my writing classes. Now I love it and use it here in my blog and whenever I can. It's unique and I find it endearing.

So if anyone is, or has been wondering how I got my unusual name, now you know "the rest of the story."


Sarah said...

You know I love this story Shaddy girl. I always think, when we go to dinner or something, that I ought to call you by your real name....but it never comes out! You'll always be my Shaddy.

Annie said...

I love this! What a beautiful nickname!

I am Alive said...

Hey.. The best past of 'Shaddy' is, it not only Rhymes with Daddy but also given by Daddy :)
Love the story...
Why my name is so unusual ??
Because I am alive :)