Tuesday, April 28, 2009


(This is a continuation of my previous post).

Here I am. No muss, no fuss. I'm perched on a stool at our pub table in the kitchen. I'm replugged and back in business again. I'm liking this. Ahead of me is a patio door with a nice view of the backyard; to my right is the family room window with a view of our birch tree and if I turn around, I'm looking across the living room and out the bow window at our front yard. At my desktop computer, I'm limited to looking at my corner computer desk shelves when I pause from typing. This is a nice change.

I like the warmth of the laptop under my hands. It's cool here in the house and even with a sweatshirt, my hands are cold. I went for a run early this afternoon and although I showered afterwards, my body is feeling chilled right now. My hands are loving it here.

I'm using my Rocketfish wireless laser mouse instead of the built-in mouse. I find it's easier to control. Yes, I like the view from here. The grass is as green as it can get, trees and shrubs are popping leaves out all over the place (just since yesterday) and the birds are so excited they can't stop chattering.

Now that I've claimed this table for my laptop, I wonder where we're going to eat. I think we might still have a couple of TV trays downstairs. Oh heck, Lon won't go along with that idea, no way. Oh yeah, this thing's extremely portable. I'm not stuck here either. I can tuck my baby somewhere safe, away from the sizzling smokie links, 50 oz. Heinz ketchup bottle, macaroni and cheese, Lon slamming down his Miller High Life Light beer and my tipsy glass of [yellow tail] merlot wine. Oops. I'm the tipsy one; the glass is tippy. Either way, my Toshiba can't be at the table during mealtimes. No exceptions to that rule.

I wanted to include a picture of Lon's beer bottle and my wine bottle with this post for eye appeal, but I lost the memory stick in my laptop. (When I asked the geek how to download photos from my camera, he told me to put the memory stick directly into the slot at the front of my laptop. I asked him twice and that's what he said, twice. I should have attempted it while he was here. I didn't). After losing the memory stick, I called Best Buy and they told me that for the small memory sticks, an adapter is needed. Lovely! Meanwhile, I can't get the stick out of the slot. Best Buy told me they'd have to send the laptop to Toshiba for removal. I called the Geek Squad service number and they said Best Buy should be able to remove it at the store. Good grief!

Dinner time has snuck up on me. Gotta go. I'm cooking; it's buffalo burgers tonight.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of wireless! I find moving to different spots in my home often inspires me to write. My favorite spot is my bedroom, looking out onto our pond, listening to the waterfall cascading, the ducks calling to each other and the birds singing. My kitties love it too as they cuddle beside me or run from window to window. However, sometimes it is a wee too peaceful and then nap time sets in and my thoughts have to wait for another day. Hope the rest of your week is great!

Zelda P. said...

Watch it! Wireless can be addictive. Next thing you know you'll want to take your laptop with you everywhere. Heck, you've already considered swimming and biking with it. Before too long you'll be dreaming of *whispered* a Blackberry.

Anonymous said...

Auntie Babe is here to tell you that moving pictures from digital camera to lap top is a challenge, I still have pictures on my camera from a year ago, guess i will have to wait for my Geek (my son Dick ). The camera on my lap top is more of a job . I use my lap top out on the Deck looking at the 18th fairway and just hope I don't get hit by a golf ball. Shaddy you don't need a mouse, I prefer my built in one , less stuff to move around. Try it.