Monday, July 27, 2009

Raps Road on Sunday Morning

Dennis, Allison, Jill, Judy, Lon and Jared went fishing out on the lake yesterday while I took a walk with my camera. (You're gonna freak, Sarie. I'm still using my little Sony instead of getting out my new Pentax. I'm not up to studying instructions just yet!)

I walked up Raps Road to where it circles back and then in the opposite direction to the highway. The temperature hovered around seventy and I relished the day and the scenery.

I no sooner walked up the resort driveway to the road when I met a father and daughter pair walking their puppy, Chloe. I asked if I could photograph the little bugger which proved much simpler than actually accomplishing it. Chloe wasn't interested in settling down to pose for anyone, but I eventually captured her cute face.

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Lia said...

Are you afraid of your new camera! What's the worst that could happen?
Come on you, your made of sterner stuff, get that new camera out and have a go.
There that's you told off ha ha only joking with you, to be honest, i actually think your getting some great shots with the camera you have been using.
These latest ones are simply lovely. I think I am developing a passion for the mail boxes you guys have, they are so cute.
How did you manage to walk away from that puppy, I would have been tempted to run away with her.
Glad your having a good time and that you are having blue sky days.
much love,
Lia xx