Sunday, July 26, 2009

En Route To & At The Lake

I'm in the cabin with a great view of the lake, a pleasant breeze passing over me and not a sole but me around. They've all gone fishing. Yes!

We had a problem with the boat trailer en route yesterday but after an hour and a half delay to get it fixed, we were back on the road and arrived here at Whispering Winds around 5:30, I think. Over all the years we've been pulling either camping trailers or boats, this is the first time we've had to stop and get something fixed. Jared took the trailer to have it gone over before we left home so the issue wasn't due to negligence on his part, for sure.

Allison secretly invited Lon's sister, Jill, and her friend, Judy, to join us for the week so we've seven of us sharing the cabin. Jill and Judy live in Atlanta. We haven't seen Jill for nine years so it was about time we reconnected in the flesh. I was let in on the secret about a week and a half ago and I managed to keep it and to do my part to pull things off. Lon and Dennis were totally surprised to see Jill and Judy sitting at a table at Benedetti's restaurant when we walked in on Friday evening for their famous fish fry.

After we arrived yesterday and ate dinner, Lon, Jared and I went for a ride in his new, used boat. We flew across the water with speed and comfort, not bouncing all over the place with this boat. They dropped me off and went out fishing. Around 9:00 Jared dropped Lon off and went out again with Jeremy, the son of the resort owner's. I heard him come in off the lake at 3:30 this morning. Yup! Jared loves to fish. I mean really loves to fish. I guess that's pretty obvious to you by now. He caught a 43 inch muskeye at around midnight so he's happy with his fishing already. He was up at 9:30 this morning and he and Lon were back out on the lake shortly thereafter.

I took a walk with my camera early this morning, Sunday. I've taken 201 photos since we left home yesterday morning. The UPS man delivered my new camera on Friday afternoon so I have it with me. I'm still using my Sony Cybershot for now but hopefully will break out my Pentax soon.

Regarding the photos which are in the opposite order of what I intended:

Storm clouds, rain, clear skies and sunshine took turns entertaining us on our drive yesterday.

I took the bridge, ship and big city photos in Duluth/Superior.

All other photos capture life here at Whispering Winds which is a far cry from a classy resort but serves our purposes and pocketbooks just fine and dandy.

Soon, I'll post the many photos I took on my walk this morning.


Lia said...

I can't tell you how happy I am to see you have blue skies. (and jealous, but we both know why lol).

it's nice to find yourself alone sometimes, gives you time to recharge your battery. I hope you are feeling more comfortable now and that all the lotions and stuff are working for you.
much love
Lia xx
ps praying you have blue sky days x

Sarah said...

Oh these are terrific photographs! I love the gas pump and the door especially. And of course, any time I get a peek at Duluth, I'm happy.

It looks beautiful there! I'm so glad you made up there safely. I hope it's as relaxing a trip as it can be. The lake looks lovely, and that clear blue sky! wow!

Have fun Shaddy!

Gullible said...

Nice pix, Shaddy. BTW, you can drag those photos around and put them in the order you want. Gets to be a pain. It was easier when I was using Internet Explorer 7, harder when I switched to Mozilla Firefox, frustrating when Internet Explorer 8 took over.

Linda Yezak said...

You're quite a writer and photographer, Shaddy! Love the pics!

BTW: I just zonked you on 777 Peppermint Place. (Grin!)

Rob said...

Looks like a great place to get away from it all. Love the pics and the post Shaddy! Keep em' coming!