Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Flower Power

The weather didn't cooperate this afternoon so I'm stuck inside. I planned to get out for at least a short bike ride but it didn't happen.

I took this photo on Sunday and somehow missed posting it yesterday with my other flower photo. That worked out for the best because now I have something to present today. I really like close up photos. This one turned out better than I expected.

The beauty of a flower has a power of its own. Enjoy the color and detail.


Annie said...

Something so simple and yet so beautiful...hope the weather is better tomorrow!

Gullible said...

Very nice shot, Shaddy. I could bore you to tears the rest of your life with my flower shots.


Visual delight! Must say that this hot color is quite delicious... Lovely day to you as well!

Shaddy said...

Annie: Often times, simple and beautiful go hand in hand. I'm at work today so the weather can do whatever it wants.

Gullible: Really close-up shots of flowers will never bore me.

Lenore: I love that color too.

Suko said...

The colors are very striking. Thanks for sharing this photo.