Monday, July 27, 2009

Fun At The Lake

The photos above were taken on Sunday afternoon here on Lake Vermilion at Whispering Winds Resort in Cook, Minnesota.

The bottle of Corona sporting the pretty slice of lime was my beverage of choice as I pedaled the colorful water bike along the shore line. I was happy as a lark watching the gals in our group fishing from the dock, all of us with nary a care in the world.

Moosebirds gift and grocery store draws us regularly for ice creams cones stacked as high as the customer requests.

The first fish displayed here is Judy's catch. The second came in on Jill's pole. Jill is Lon's sister and Judy is Jill's friend. They're vacationing here from Atlanta. Jill was excited about the fish lying at her feet and relied on Judy to take it off the hook and release it back into the lake.

The first boat in the photos is Jared's. He and Lon appear after hours of fishing who knows where on the lake. The second boat holds Dennis, Lon's brother, and Allison, his wife, who also enjoy spending hours fishing on the water.

I chose only two of many photos to show of the interior of the bait house that sits beside the dock. The colorful life jackets hang and the sporty water skis lean amid a grand assortment of fishing related paraphenalia avid fishermen need.

Jill caught a second twenty three and a half inch northern fishing from Dennis' boat. Jared did his best to encourage Jill to hold the fish for the all important photo shoot, but she couldn't bring herself to touch the slimy thing. She managed to get close enough to Jared and the fish to be in the picture.

The close-up head shot is of Jeremy, the resort owners' son. Last week, he had to have stitches sewn in his ear to repair the damage done by an errant hook at the end of a fishing line thrown by a friend.

It's Tuesday as I write this. Keeping up is harder than I thought it would be. Til next time, bye.


Lia said...

You all look like you are having a wonderful time.
I think I might be able to uncross my fingers, as you seem to be having plenty of blue sky days and a rainbow.....but that's just showing off ha ha!!!

Don't worry about keeping up with blogging, just have a really good time.
Much love,
Lia xx

Annie said...

AHHHH!!!!!! My beverage of choice is also Corona or Blue Moon. Blue has a touch of orange flavor. YUM!!! These pics are great! Hope you are having fun!