Thursday, July 9, 2009

Going Camping

Lon and I are heading twenty miles south of here into Illinois for the weekend. We'll camp at Rock Cut State Park where a nice lake, trails and other opportunities to be outside and relax are ample.

I'll take my camera and post the photos here when I'm back.

One of the baby robins was flapping her wings like crazy today and I expected her to fly out of the nest. I'm hoping I won't miss that part of the robinettes' development while I'm away.

Have a great weekend!


Lia said...

Shaddy, is that your camper on that truck, only it does look like your truck from a past post, 'cos if it is, wow, wow, wow and there's me dripping on about my new and fancy bell-tent and "glamping" it up. Meanwhile you are towing a 5 star hotel behind you, way to go girl.

You have shown me up for the ametuer that I am, must now step up my game.Hope you have a great time.
Much love,
Lia xx
Ps Glamping is a term, used over here for people who like to camp, but also like to have luxury and comfort around them.
I thought I would explain that just in case it hasn't made it over the pond. You my dear are a serious Glamper and I bow to you xx

Shaddy said...

Lia: We started with a tent, graduated to a pop-up trailer and yes, finally we're glamping. Glamorous camping is what we do now that we're old and decrepit. All of the phases we've been through are fun in different ways.
We used to tent camp on a secluded point on a lake in Minnesota. That was awesome except for all the trips back and forth from the site to our truck during the setting up and taking down processes.
I take my hat off to you for using a tent and experiencing genuine camping.
Here in the U.S., a vacation close to home is called a "staycation." I'm not sure where that term originated but it's cute too.
You have fun this weekend too, ya hear?

Mary Anne Gruen said...

Well, I guess we're having a "staycation" this weekend. LOL We've got lots of errands and chores to catch up on. Have fun on your Glamping trip!

Anonymous said...

My fun weekend is laying a flagstone patio in 100+ degee heat. Yeah!! Do I know how to have fun or what?


Sarah said...

LOL to Walk - you are a party animal!

Shaddy girl, I'm a little late to the party here, but I do so hope your weekend is/was perfect. LOVE the picture of the rig!!! I'm so glad the weather was nice for your getaway. I hope you took some pictures this weekend (hint hint). Did you do any writing? Reading? I can't wait to hear about the trip...

(P.S. I have baby robins too, finally!)

K.M. Weiland said...

Sounds like fun! I haven't gone camping in years, but my own week-long vacation starts next Monday. For the first time in a long time, my workaholic self is actually looking forward to the time off. See you when you get back!